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Namasdrake: when hip-hop and yoga meet

Don’t be surprised if your next yoga class ends with “Namasdrake” instead of “Namaste”!

Calling all “Drizzy” fans and yogis out there: a yoga class exists where you can do all of your sun salutations to Drake’s (AKA Champagne Papi’s) music! These “Namasdrake” classes have really taken off in Los Angeles, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they expand internationally soon. The “Hotline Bling” singer may have some lacklustre dance moves (depending on who you ask, of course), but his musical talent always manages to create some buzz – even in the yoga world.

Namasdrake: A badass yoga class 

The idea for a “Namasdrake” class was invented by event promotor T.J. Petracca and yoga instructor Paul Schneider. They combined their talent and DJ backgrounds to curate a playlist that contains 100% Drake Songs and timed all of the yoga postures perfectly to increase and decrease in intensity with the music. If you’re a person who thought that yoga was boring, this unique 1-hour vinyasa class will definitely keep you on your toes. Maybe you’ll end up liking it so much that you’ll even become addicted to yoga!

The Namasdrake events in Los Angeles take place once a month in a music venue/beer garden where you can attend a “namasdranks” happy hour after class, with friends. If you can’t get to California anytime soon, but you’re interested in trying out a non-traditional form of yoga, there’s always Buti yoga – a very dynamic form of yoga – or Bikram Yoga, which takes place in a room that's heated to 40 degrees Celsius. 

And no matter what, never forget: just hold on we’re going om.

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