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New Year, New Workout: the top 4 to try out in 2017

If your New Year’s resolution was to get #MOREFIT, these classes will help you reach your goal!

In 2016 we saw a rise in group fitness classes, and challenging ones at that (check out our experience at spin class if you don’t believe us!). This year they will be more popular than ever, and you’ll have an even wider selection of unique classes at your disposal. Keep scrolling to discover our favorite four at the moment…

Multi-sensory yoga

If you thought that Buti Yoga was cool and different, your mind will be blown once you hear about multi-sensory yoga. All of your senses get stimulated during class, through things like sound therapy, aromatherapy and beautiful visuals on the walls. You’re totally cut off from the day’s stresses, and you can fully concentrate on all of the relaxing elements around you. Sometimes people get so chilled out that they briefly feel like they’re someplace else – somewhere otherworldly. Exercising and meditating in a multi-sensory environment has proven benefits, like making you feel calmer, and improving concentration and alertness.

Where to find classes: Woom Center in New York City

PRAMA technology

The best kinds of workouts are the ones that are fun and feel like a game. PRAMA technology is an interactive fitness platform that transforms banal exercises, like sprints, into a real-life video game. Different spots on the floors and walls light up, motivating you to get to them as fast as possible so that you can turn them off and move on to the next ones. In a typical class you can burn close to 1,000 calories. You’ll be enjoying yourself so much you won’t even realize how much effort you’re actually putting in!

Where to find classes: The AG6™ Class at the Asphalt Green gym in New York City. The PRAMA system originated in Spain, so many European countries also offer classes – check your local gyms to see if any of them have the technology!

There’s no ‘I’ in TEAM

If you’ve ever admired an athlete and wondered how they were able to have such determination, focus, and toned muscles, this year you can learn their secrets. Tone House in New York City offers unique classes that center around competitive team activities, chanting, and a variety of explosive and non-explosive exercise sequences. However, it’s important to note that these sessions can be intense, so they’re ideal for people that already work out on a regular basis.

Where to find classes: Tone House, New York City


Energetic dance classes

If there’s one type of class you’ll definitely be seeing more of in studios and gyms near you in 2017, it’s dance classes. While Zumba’s always an option, chances are you’re a bit tired of it after all these years and are craving something new. Enter: The Fitness Marshall, cardio hip-hop classes you can take from the comfort of your own home. Caleb Marshall’s energy is infectious and the music is always fun. You’ll dance to recent hits by pop stars like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears.

Where to find classes: The Fitness Marshall’s YouTube Channel

These workout classes will help you start off 2017 with a bang!


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