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Overheating post workout? Cool down with Biotherm's new temperature reducing cream

Follow this quick routine to become a pro at cool downs after your tough HIIT sessions at the gym.

You’ve been giving it 100% for the past hour in the gym, and all you want to do is jump straight in the shower to reward your hard effort. However, what your body actually needs is a quick time out to recharge, and Biotherm’s new Aquapower Daily Defense SPF14 moisturizer. But don’t worry: follow our advice and you’ll still manage to make it out of the locker room in less than 30 minutes.

Wait to hop in the shower

The most important thing to do post-workout is to approach your cool down in a calm and progressive manner. Yes, we know you’ll be sweating excessively (your body tries to cool itself down by lowering its temperature through perspiration evaporation), but sports physician Dr. Lebar advises that you wait at least 10-15 minutes to take a shower. If you don’t, you’ll put unnecessary stress on your body – it’s already gone through enough during your workout!

Use this cool down time to walk around and stretch, and let your heart rate naturally return to normal.

Biotherm’s new temperature reducing cream enhances the benefits of your cool down

If you’re pressed for time, and need to cool down quick after your shower, Biotherm’s Aquapower Daily Defense SPF 14 moisturizer will give you that refreshing boost you need. It will reduce your body’s temperature by 2 degrees (yes you read that right!) and will rehydrate and reenergize your skin. It contains Furcellaria lumbricalis, a red algae, to protect your skin and prevent dehydration, Baicaline to shield your skin from UV radiation and Life Plankton™ to strengthen your skin’s barrier. In sum, it’s the perfect product to help you arrive at the office sweat-free!

A proper cool down is the best reward your body can receive post-workout. However, don’t forget to drink lots of water or a sports drink to replace lost electrolytes as well!

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