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Post-Christmas bloat: how to get your abs back

Follow our tips to blast that belly fat!

If you’re anything like us, then we bet you got a little carried away this holiday season and indulged in your fair share of Christmas chocolate and hors d’oeuvres at family dinners. First of all, don’t feel guilty about it; treating yourself once in a while is healthy! Second of all, there are plenty of ways to beat belly bloat and slim down your waistline. While we can’t promise an overnight miracle (if only things could be that simple…), the following tips will help you get back on the healthy track.

Eat right

While exercising is important, eating a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables is just as essential for a flat stomach. After the holiday season, favor foods that are good for your gut like probiotics (i.e. yogurt), and spices that are anti-inflammatory and help ease digestion, like ginger.

Top tip: We know you’ll probably want to steer clear of fats after the holidays, but healthy fats like avocados and olive oil are beneficial for your body (they can actually help you burn fat better), and they keep your skin looking youthful by fighting free radicals.

Don’t skip snack time

When you go too long between meals or load up on refined carbs and sugars, spikes in insulin levels occur, which causes you to store fat in your midsection. Nibbling on something small in-between meals can help prevent this and keep your blood sugar levels balanced for a flatter tummy. Opt for protein-rich foods to keep you feeling fuller for longer, like a small handful of almonds or an apple with peanut butter.

Lower stress levels

Stress is another belly betrayer, because the hormone cortisol causes your body to stock more fat around your stomach area. Find ways to meditate every day (it will benefit your skin as well!) to lower anxiety and look – and feel – less bloated. There are plenty of applications you can download to help you zen out during the day.

Work out your whole body

If you only do ab exercises, you won’t achieve your fitness goal of a flat, toned stomach. The key is to work out all muscle groups, as this helps your posture and engages your core for a tighter tummy. Planks, running, and high intensity interval training are great for an all-body workout. According to a study, the latter may also be the best way to blast abdominal fat in comparison to other forms of exercise (and it’s a faster way to work out!).

A healthy diet, lifestyle and a few exercises will give you the flat stomach you desire after the holidays!

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