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Press play: 10 holiday songs to work out to

Get the most out of your fitness routine this season with the ultimate festive music playlist.

Keep up your exercise routine while celebrating the holiday season with these ten festive songs!

1. Warm up to: Katy Perry, "Every Day Is a Holiday"

Katy's holiday song is contagiously catchy and perfect for getting your body moving before a workout.

2. Core exercises to Kelly Clarkson's "Underneath the Tree"

With a rocking beat that's perfect for quick, ab-crunching sit-ups, Kelly Clarkson's "Underneath the Tree" (from her 2013 Christmas album "Wrapped in Red") will get you motivated to work that core even on the darkest winter evenings.

3. Get on your bike to Mariah Carey, "All I Want for Christmas is You"

It's hard not to sing along to this Christmas classic as you pedal your way wherever you're going. Ring your bell along to the tune!

4. Matisyahu's "Miracle" Hanukkah song for an intense cardio session

There isn't a wealth of Hanukkah-inspired pop songs out there, but this one is guaranteed to get your heart racing and legs moving. The video's worth a watch too.

5. Weight training to The Ramones, "Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)"

Lift and lift and keep on lifting as you rock out with The Ramones and this addictive classic with Johnny's excellent guitar work.

6. Kickboxing to No Doubt's, "Oi to the World"

Flashback to Gwen and the crew in true early 2000s gear and with a punk edge to their music. Aim a kick or punch for every "Oi" and feel those endorphins flow!

7. Run to Ariana Grande, "Last Christmas"

This remixed cover of the classic Wham! Christmas song is seriously addictive. Ariana shows off her range, and the beat is ideal for a festive run.

8. Sprint to Justin Bieber's "Drummer Boy"

Bieber's build up before Busta Rhymes' explosive rap section is ideal for picking up speed before the race to the finish. Try and incorporate an air-punch into your last steps to celebrate your victory.

9. Sam Smith's "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" for a cool down

Smith's voice can make any song sound soulfully delicious. The beautiful long-held notes in this cover are great for slowly stretching out.

10. Meditative relaxation to Jimmy Eat World's "12.23.95"

The soft voice of Jim Adkins helps build this atypical holiday song slowly into a powerful combination of different elements. Not one of Jimmy Eat World's most famous pieces, but a powerful and haunting song nonetheless.

Whatever your favorite form of exercising, these ten holiday tunes will put a joyful spring in your step and make your workout even more effective.

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