© Cyril Masson / Studio White

© Cyril Masson / Studio White

Press play: run to the beat

It’s easy to be a better runner – all you need is the right music.

You put your earbuds in, turn up the music and start jogging. As the tempo increases you suddenly find yourself running faster and even being distracted from how heavy your breathing is becoming with each step you take. Coincidence? Not so much: Studies have shown that with the right music you can up your running game.

Music can give you that extra push you need

The first time someone made a recorded association between music and sports was in 1911 when American researcher Leonard Ayres observed that cyclists were able to pedal faster if a live band was playing music. Interest in the topic continued over the years, and today a study shows that music can boost your running endurance by 15% and benefits runners who like to be distracted when they run the most (known as dissociators).

Top tip: Although listening to music is great during a workout, avoid any potential accidents from happening by ensuring that the volume isn’t too loud while you’re running – especially if you’re outside.

Crafting the ultimate running playlist

Some things to keep in mind while you’re choosing your songs:

Choose tracks that motivate you: If a song makes you want to dance (like you do alone in your room) or start bobbing your head, chances are it’s a good fit for your playlist.

Choose music with emotion: If you can relate to the lyrics in a song or if it stirs something up inside you that suddenly makes you want to push yourself harder (or even hit something – hey, it happens) make sure to include it. These tracks are great for working through any stress in a positive way and will give you the motivation you need for you run.

Pay attention to the BPM: For optimal performance it’s advised to choose songs that have a BPM between 120-140, but everyone’s different and isn’t motivated by the same music, so personally we think it’s best to listen to what lights your inner fire, no matter what the BPM of the song is.

If you’d like some running music inspiration, check out our exclusive Spotify playlist. It’s a mix of electronic songs that keeps us going during our own workouts!

Run to the beat and you’ll run harder, better, faster, stronger. 

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