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Gut-friendly foods that help regenerate your skin

Include these four foods in your diet for clear skin and a healthy gut.

What if we told you that bacteria could be your golden ticket to beautiful radiant skin? Would you believe us or just scrunch up your face and look at us funny? Scientists have been researching the role that gut health plays on our mood, complexion, and overall well-being for over 70 years. The link between our gut and our skin seems to be a strong one – in one Russian study it was discovered that 54% of acne sufferers had some kind of problem with their intestinal microflora!

If you’ve been dealing with pesky breakouts lately (or just want a glowing complexion) it’s time to load up on probiotic and prebiotic foods. They will provide your gut with “good” bacteria to keep it healthy. However, if you really want to make your skin look flawless – fast – invest in skincare products that contain regenerative micro-organisms (which are also bacteria!), like Life Plankton ™ Essence by Biotherm. In just 8 days this product will help your skin look and feel renewed.


When our gut flora is off-balance it can cause pimples, anxiety, and digestive issues (nothing fun!). This imbalance can be provoked by a variety of factors, but stress and a poor diet are two of the biggest culprits. Including more probiotic foods in your diet will help reestablish balance, by adding good bacteria back into your gut. Look for foods that contain live cultures, like Greek yogurt and tempeh.

Greek Yogurt

How it helps your skin: Most Greek yogurt contains live strains of S. thermophilus (St) and L. bulgaricus (Lb). They help lower inflammation (which can prevent pimples) and S. thermophilus may even help reduce signs of aging.

Our favorite way to eat it: At breakfast, as a parfait.

Skincare products that will boost the benefits further: Look for an anti-aging cream that will visibly repair your skin overnight, like Biotherm’s Blue Therapy Night. Apply it every evening before bed and your wrinkles will look smoother and your skin will feel firmer.


How it helps your skin: Tempeh is a fermented food that contains high amounts of B Vitamins (particularly Riboflavin) which aids in cellular growth. This helps regenerate your skin so it can be healthy and well-protected against external aggressions.

Our favorite way to eat it: At lunch, in a Buddha bowl.

Skincare products that will boost the benefits further: Invest in products that contain ingredients that help strengthen your skin, like Life Plankton™. This little regenerative thermal microorganism can be found in Life Plankton™ Essence, making it the perfect product to include in your daily beauty routine.


Prebiotics are food for probiotics. They keep the probiotics active in your system, which helps your gut remain happy and healthy, and your complexion look radiant.


How it helps your skin: Radishes contain arabinogalactans which helps with cellular oxygenation. The more oxygen your skin cells receive, the healthier your skin looks and feels.

Our favorite way to eat it: At lunch or dinner, in a salad.

Skincare products that will boost the benefits further: If you live in an urban environment, use a cleanser that will efficiently remove pollutants from your skin. Biotherm’s Biosource Total Renew Oil can remove even the smallest pollution particles to help your skin breathe better.


How it helps your skin: Asparagus is high in glutathione (an antioxidant), which protects your skin against free radical damage. This prevents premature fine lines and wrinkles.

Our favorite way to eat it: At dinner, with a sweet potato.

Skincare products that will boost the benefits further: Use a serum that contains topical antioxidants, like Skin Best Day Cream SPF15 Normal Skin.

Include these foods in your diet this season and your skin will look glowing and gorgeous for spring! Just be sure to minimize your intake of acidic foods like sugar and alcohol, as they can throw off your gut flora!

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