Beauty editor-approved: Aquasource Everplump Night

What’s dark cultivated algae extract, you say? A skin-plumping, luxuriously replenishing superhero ingredient, it turns out!

Did you know that at night, our skin works harder at recovery than during the day and loses up to 4X more water? Although we may dabble in a version of a night time beauty routine, rarely (myself included!) do we provide our skin with what it really needs during our shuteye – a mask that replenishes the fast-depleting water reserves of our face and aids its hardworking regenerative efforts. For one week, I, member of the #livemore editorial team, counted myself into the night mask hype with Biotherm’s Aquasource Everplump Night mask, and I can unequivocally say that my beauty routine will never look the same again…

The ultimate plumping, replenishing treatment

I lifted the pot out of the box, face cleansed (with none else other than my trusty Biosource Cleansing micellar water) and ready to test the mask’s effectiveness for the first time. As I began to generously smooth on the light, bouncy gel to my profile, a moment of cynicism lingered in my mind: I’m only 26, and as far as skin goes, mine is more or less fine. Ok, I suffer the odd dry patch and pimple, but it’s never been enough to warrant a drastic transformation to my skincare routine. That was, until, Aquasource Everplump Night entered my life; a mere seven days later, I can say without hesitance that my skin felt more hydrated and firm than it had ever felt, and wore a glow that I had never even considered possible for my typically-healthy face.

What makes this recuperative night time veil stand out against the rest? The treatment is jam-packed with dark cultivated algae, which is capable of producing a powerful energy-generating extract – but only in the absence of light. On the skin, this creation cultivates a (clinically proven) natural second barrier and locks in plumping moisture all night long, resulting in boosted skin recovery and replenishment.

Not only am I delighted about the visible results the mask has gifted me with, I love the fact that the active (and highly effective!) ingredient is so original and natural. Despite working with organic Biotherm products on a daily basis, the endless capabilities of nature continue to stun me!

A unique, innovative texture and intensely fresh scent

It’s hard to describe how original the product’s texture is in words. Gently push your finger into the pot and take it out, and the gel bounces back unperturbed (just like your skin will after using the mask!) to resume its original shape. This may make your brain start to draw comparisons to jelly, but as soon as you rub it in, it adopts a light, liquid form. I’m no scientist, but I think it’s safe to say that the texture is pretty mind-boggling. The scent is also amazing – incredibly light and fresh!

No fuss application

After using Life Plankton™ Essence, which adds another intensely regenerative dimension to my skincare routine thanks to the plankton’s 35 rejuvenating proteins and nutrients, I simply smooth on a generous amount of Aquasource Everplump Night to my face and gently rub in until absorbed. I go to bed with my face feeling wrapped up in a caring, recuperative blanket and wake up more bouncy, firm and plump than ever from the neck up!

Verdict: It’s safe to say that I’ll never look back to my pre-night mask days. I urge you – even if you think you’re not in dire need of any skin regeneration – to give this wonderful product a chance. It’s definitely a case of “you don’t know until you’ve tried it”!

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