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Runners: This vitamin might be why your endurance has recently improved

You can thank Mr. Sun!

Do you have the impression that you’ve had more energy during your runs recently? It could be from all that Vitamin D you got over the summer! In the 1950s research was conducted to determine if the vitamin could enhance runners' performance. A group of athletes were placed under sunlamps and their 100m time improved by 7.4 percent. The runners who didn't get the treatment only improved their speed by 1.7 percent, proving that one thing’s for certain: Vitamin D can you make a stronger, faster, and overall better runner.

How your body benefits from Vitamin D

Increasing your Vitamin D levels is great for your health. Below are just a few examples:

-It becomes easier to build muscle (we can’t guarantee you’ll get ripped like Arnold, but still…)

-It helps your body be able to absorb calcium better, making your bones stronger

-It helps boost your immune system

-It helps you feel more energized, according to a study

Things you can do to increase your Vitamin D intake

Cooper Clinic in Dallas, Texas conducted a study back in 2008 that discovered that 75% of runners who run 20 miles a week are Vitamin D deficient. Anyone – even if he or she resides in a sunny location like California – is susceptible of becoming deficient. Symptoms are feeling achy, sluggish and overly tired. To get your daily dose of Vitamin D, be sure to:

-Fully expose yourself to the sun at least 10-15 minutes a day. Just don’t overdo it though! More isn’t always better, and it’s important to apply sunscreen after the first 10 minutes outside.

-Eat mushrooms, pastured eggs and fatty fish (sardines and salmon are great, and they’re good fats, don’t worry!)

Top tip: If you follow our advice and notice that the symptoms haven’t gone away, it’s a good idea to speak with a medical practitioner who can prescribe supplements and also pinpoint if your body is deficient in any other vitamins.

Amp up your Vitamin D levels and you’ll become a more powerful athlete in no time.

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