The ultimate daily skincare routine to help combination skin glow

Bye bye shine, bye bye dry patches, hello radiance!

Combination skin can feel tricky to tackle. Whilst it’s not considered one of the most extreme skin types, it’s sometimes prone to suffering the worst of both worlds! You may have oily zones with enlarged pores, yet also dry patches that are only exacerbated during winter time. Adopt the ultimate daily routine to help tackle problem areas for skin with radiance.

What is combination skin?

To a certain extent most of us have what could be considered combination skin. It involves certain areas, like the cheeks, being normal or dry and others, usually the T-zone (nose, forehead and chin) being oily. For this reason, combination skin can be prone to a wide range of skin complaints including larger looking pores, shiny skin and blackheads, as well as rough, dry or red patches.

How winter affects combination skin: During the colder months when dehydrated skin becomes more of an issue, it can be more difficult to know how to treat combination skin. It’s common for your face to be more sensitive in winter, drying out in areas you don’t regularly experience. Yet there’s always the fear of making oily zones even more saturated through the use of richer emollients.

Striking the ideal balance for combination skin: A daily routine

When cleaning your face in the morning and evening, you want to avoid soap, which can further dry your skin, and instead opt for a cleanser and toner. Biosource Cleansing Micellar Water is a time saving and lightweight 3 in 1, which removes all kinds of impurities as well as makeup.

Serums are a great way to offer an intense dose of nutrients directly to your skin to help it glow. Aquasource Deep Serum is a light concentrate that packs a heavyweight punch of 35 nutrients, alongside Life Plankton. This elixir of radiance helps your skin to create light from within.

Follow up with a deeply hydrating moisturizer that’s ideally not oil based, so you don’t make greasy zones worse. Aquasource Gel is the perfect solution, with its gel formula extra-charged in regenerating Life Plankton and moisturizing Mannose. Experience water-plumped, radiant skin for up to 48 hours continuous release hydration.

To address any issues of oily zones on your face, treat your skin a couple of times a week to a purifying face mask. Skin Best Wonder Mud is a great choice to minimize pores and get a healthy glow. This antioxidant-concentrated 3-minute mask with mineral clay deeply cleanses. By removing impurities and excess sebum oil which can build up, skin can breathe again and is less dull.

Combination skin may take a little more care and attention, but for glowing skin it’s worth it.

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