Winter skincare tips: heal your skin the right way

We finally separate winter skincare facts from the fiction

Winter is definitely tough on skin. Dry hands, flaky skin, cracked nose and a flushed complexion all seem to come with the territory during the colder months. The combination of a drop in outdoor temperatures, indoor heating systems and irritants like cold winds serve to make skin more sensitive. Yet some skincare myths may be preventing you from healing your skin the right way this winter.

How skin changes during winter

Most of your winter skin complaints come down to dehydration brought on by a change in humidity levels. What the cold exterior and heated interior both have in common is a much lower level of moisture in the air. A study looking at the impact of humidity on skin found that low humidity causes a disruption to skin elasticity, the skin shedding process and skin’s ability to retain moisture in its outer layers, which weakens the skin’s natural protective barrier.

It’s these changes to the way your skin functions during winter that bring along the unwanted side effects. As the changes are ultimately caused by dehydration, treatment centres around regaining lost moisture.

How to care for winter skin the right way

Many people try to combat dehydration by applying thicker creams during winter, in the misguided belief this will rehydrate skin. Yet there is a difference between dehydrated skin and dry skin. Hydration involves increasing water levels within skin, whilst moisturizing acts as an emollient to prevent that moisture being lost from the skin’s outer layers.

During winter your skin may need both hydration and moisture. For very dry skin try Aquasource Cocoon for the extra protection and nourishment you need to survive the winter. This balm, with the lightness of a gel, uses moisturizing Mannose and strengthening Thermal Plankton to reveal hydrated skin wrapped in a silky veil. For your body, Lait Corporel repairs flaky skin, restores the skin's protective barrier and protects its natural elasticity, for an instantly smooth finish.

When too much humidity disrupts your skin’s natural functions in wintertime, it’s even more important to give skin extra support. Using a repairing mask, like Life Plankton Mask , helps to soothe and reduce signs of damage. With the powered-up recovery from Life Plankton, this concentrated leave-on mask is perfect for dry, tight, red and irritated skin.

The more nourishment you can feed your weakened winter skin, the better! Serums can be a powerful option for delivering a high dose of nutrients directly to your skin. Aquasource Deep Serum not only provides deep moisture in a light concentrate, it’s also packed with over 35 skin beneficial nutrients. For dull skin that has lost its radiance this winter, Liquid Glow Skin Best offers instant complexion rival. Containing antioxidant algae extract, this ultra concentrated dry oil instantly smooths and enhances, to give skin back it’s summer glow even during the dreary season.

Knowledge is power. So now you know the best way to care for your skin this season, you no longer need to suffer the consequences of winter skin.

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