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Slow down to be able to #LIVEMORE during the holiday season

Slow living can be your best ally during this stressful time of the year.

When you have a “go-getter” type of personality, you tend to push yourself and give it your all, all of the time. You move at a speed of 100 miles per hour, eager to tick off as many things on your to-do list as possible. While it’s a wonderful way to live most of the year, it’s wise to adopt a slower way of life during the holiday season. It will help you stay calm, cool, and collected, recharge your batteries, and be ready to take 2017 by storm.

What is slow living?

Slow living is a way of life that encourages you to relax and take your time to do things, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or burned-out. The idea is to listen to your body, your needs, and to do things that you love and make you happy.

How to slow down during the holiday season

We know that it’s hard to hit pause when you have a million things floating in your mind that need to get done: Shopping for presents, wrapping them, getting the menu ready for the annual family holiday meal… We’re not trying to tell you to abandon everything you have to do, but rather take one moment out of every single day to just breathe and fully enjoy the present moment and the activity you’re doing. Here are a few suggestions:

Unplug: Our smartphones not only give us pimples, they take our concentration away from what’s going on around us. Take at least one hour out of your day during the holiday season to put your phone to the side and do something non-technology related, like having a face-to-face conversation with a friend or a loved one. Not only will they feel valued because you’re giving them your full attention, it will help you feel more alive afterwards. Oh, and you’ll formulate better responses to all of those work e-mails we know you’ll start answering once the hour’s up…!

Exercise with your family: If you have trouble going even a day without exercising, why not do it as a family? Going for a bike ride, ice skating, or even just doing yoga together will help everyone stay in shape and you’re guaranteed to have lots of fun and feel even closer!

Cook with local ingredients: Local produce is nutritious and will help you be more mindful of what you’re eating. This holiday season, try to make as many homemade meals as you can with ingredients that come from the farmer’s market. You’ll feel better, and the cooking process will be relaxing and rewarding (well if you actually enjoy cooking, that is…!).

Pamper yourself: One of the best ways to relax and keep your complexion radiant during this especially stressful period of the year is to take extra good care of your skin. And all it takes it 3 minutes if you use Biotherm’s Skin Best Wonder Mud mask. However, don't forget that a long leisurely bath is always a wonderful way to treat yourself and regroup as well!

If you take the time to slow down during the holiday season you’ll #LIVEMORE and come out feeling stronger in the new year.

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