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Snow vs. Sun: what skincare products to bring on your next winter vacation

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When it's time to plan your winter vacation, do you prefer to escape to the relaxing sunshine or to go skiing in a snowy winter paradise? Everyone has their favorite, so we've divided up the two and provided a checklist for what to pack in your beauty bag. Let's go!

Skiing and skincare

Any skiing fan knows that it's important to protect your skin while on the slopes, so remember to pack good sun protection of at least SPF 30.

Winter air and chilling temperatures can be very drying for the skin, so applying a rich cream like Aquasource Rich Cream during the daytime is a great idea. Before bed you can pamper yourself with a repairing night treatment, such as Biotherm’s Blue Therapy Serum-in-Oil, to add an extra glow to your chilled vacation vibe.

If you find your hands are getting dry throughout the day, keep a pocket-sized version of your favorite hand lotion in your ski suit. It will help you find relief, by softening and hydrating your skin.

Hot showers you take to warm up after a chilly day can actually be very drying for the skin. Rehydrate with replenishing body lotion.

Sunshine and skincare

Sunny destinations are always popular winter getaways. Back in 2014, 41% of Americans planned a trip to Florida! If you prefer the sun over the snow, slather on lots of sunscreen – SPF 30 or 50 at least for the first few days (your pasty winter skin isn’t used to getting bronzed and beautiful!). Don’t forget to reapply after taking a dip in the pool or ocean!

To emphasize your healthy glow, use facial oil like Biotherm’s Liquid Skin Glow Best. Add a few drops to a light moisturizer (you don’t need a heavy one in the warm weather) in the morning or evening. The texture isn’t greasy and will soak right into your face – you’ll just be left with a beautifully enhanced complexion!

No matter where you go this winter, if you pack the right skincare products, your skin will be well protected and look gorgeous and glowing!

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