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Sophrology will make you and your skin calmer

This dynamic relaxation technique combines visualization, breathing exercises and mindfulness to make you feel calm, mentally stronger, and have more radiant skin.

According to the American Psychological Association, 75% of adults report feeling moderate to high levels of stress – that’s a high statistic! We all know that stress isn’t good for our health or our skin (it can cause breakouts and skin irritations), so we find ways to reduce it by doing activities like meditation, yoga, and regular workouts. While all of these things help us feel calmer, they don’t address – or fix – the core reasons that we feel stressed. In order to do that, we need sophrology.

Sophrology: the study of consciousness and harmony to relieve stress

In the 1960s a psychiatrist known as Dr. Alfonso Caycedo was seeking out a new method to help his patients work through their anxiety with minimal to no medication. Through his research he created sophrology, a form of dynamic relaxation. It’s a three-part word that comes from Ancient Greek: SOS (serenity, harmony), PHREN (spirit, consciousness), and LOGOS (science, study). It combines Eastern practices like breathing exercises and mindfulness, and aspects of the Western practice of hypnotherapy in order to help a person address problems of the past (i.e. conscious or subconscious fear), practice being in the present, and peacefully embrace the future. The overall goal is to allow an individual to find complete balance and harmony in their life and to understand how the body responds to stress. While sophrology can be compared to meditation, it goes a step further in bringing the mind’s focus to what causes them stress and why they feel it, so that they it can be worked through and released. And as you probably already know, the less stressed you feel, the better it is for your health and your skin!

The ways sophrology can benefit your life (and your skin)

While most people practice sophrology to lower their stress levels, it’s very beneficial for other aspects of your life: it can help you sleep better (which helps your skin sleep better as well!), it can reduce pain during childbirth, and even improve athletic performance. In fact, in 1968 four Swiss Olympians incorporated sophrology into their sports practice and three of them took home gold medals!

Sophrology is practiced with a sophrologist in an individual or group setting. In a one-to-one session, the person explains what they wish to improve in their life (i.e. release emotional blocks, get over their fear of flying, feel less stressed at work, improve their self-confidence) so that the sophrologist can determine what exercises will help them most, and then guide the individual through them.

It generally takes about 5 to 10 sessions to see results, but once you learn the exercises, you can practice sophrology on your own, anywhere. Over time you'll know what the stress triggers are in your body and how to relieve them quickly. With sophrology your life will be happier, and your skin will be calmer!

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