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Sorry to break it to you, but your granola bar might not be healthy

Read on to learn how to choose better options.

Dietary guidelines continuously change and evolve over the years, and new superfoods seem to come out every month claiming to be “the” best healthy thing around. This can cause people’s views to shift and think that something is healthier than it really is, as proven by a New York Times Survey. For example, about 70% of Americans surveyed were under the impression that granola bars are healthy, but less than 30% of nutritionists agreed. It can feel daunting to try and figure out what’s healthy and what’s not, so we have a few simple guidelines for you to follow. They’ll always remain the “golden rules” of healthy eating, so you can rest assured that you’re putting only the very best things into your body!

Don’t trust the front of a food label

Food labels are often misleading, as they can make you believe that a product that’s “fat-free” is a good option, when in reality it’s loaded in sugar! Pay less attention to what the packaging says on the front of the label, and more to the back. If the sugar and salt levels are low, and the nutrition label contains 10 ingredients or less (and you can pronounce all the names), then the snack in question is probably healthy!

Pay attention to serving size

Even if a food is considered healthy, always pay attention to the serving size. If you don’t, you risk overindulging when you eat it. For example, if a serving size of almond butter is 2 tablespoons and you eat 4, you need to double everything you see on the label, like the calorie count, fat content, sugar, and salt.

Favor homemade over store-bought food

If you really want to be healthy, the best thing to do is to favor high-quality ingredients and make the food yourself. We’ve picked out a few recipe ideas to give you inspiration. They all contain minimal ingredients (and minimal sugar). One recipe is a granola recipe, and the other two are energy balls. Just try to limit eating only one granola bar and 2 energy balls at a time, as while they’re good for you, they are quite calorie-dense!

Homemade granola bars

Superfood Energy Bites

Spirulina Power Bites

Now that you know how to eat better, the only thing left to do is to apply the information you just learned!

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