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Sweet potato toast will take your #avocadotoast to the next level

Sweet potatoes are the most delicious gluten-free "bread" base around.

When we first discovered sweet potato toast, we felt like we had uncovered one of the best-kept #glutenfree secrets to date. It’s delicious, easy to make, incredibly healthy, and has some wonderful skin benefits. The Vitamin A in sweet potatoes helps your body produce more collagen, and the Vitamin D and iron keep stress levels low.

Sweet potato toast isn’t a new concept, but Little Bits of Real Food blogger Kelsey Preciado recently made it popular again when she posted her version on Instagram. Instead of putting her sweet potato slices in the oven, she popped them in the toaster - just like real bread.

The trick is to slice your sweet potatoes ¼ inch thick (don’t make them too thin, otherwise they could turn out chewy) and then toast twice on high heat.

Top your toast with something savory (avocado, egg, spinach…) or sweet (nut butter, honey...). Check out some of the creations below for inspiration.

For when you want a little bit of everything: Little Bits of Real Food’s sweet potato creations

For an energizing breakfast: Sweet and savory sweet potato toast

For an apéro: Sweet potato crostini 

Sweet potato toast proves that toast has no limits. Just let your creativity flow and you’ll see that the possibilities are endless! 

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