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Target and blast cellulite with this workout routine

Be confident to shed your jeans for a seasonal skirt this spring!

According to Scientific American, a whopping 90% of American women become resentful wearers of cellulite at some point during their lives, and yet confusion around what the undesirable look actually is persists.

The answer: ultimately, it is simply a fat store. No surprises, then, surrounding the advice that we are equipping you with to feel fit, free and fanciable enough to show off your legs this season: you have to sweat it to shred it!

It’s not just about fat

It’s not purely a question of exterminating the fat to rid your body of cellulite. While bulging fat cells are part of the equation, it’s actually the connective fibrous tissue between the muscle and skin that creates the lumpy and bumpy effect.

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Therefore, experts tend to unanimously agree that the best way to eliminate cellulite is to combine aerobic exercise with weight training, consequently strengthening the connective fiber under the skin, replenishing elasticity, and reducing the prevalence of the appearance of cellulite. Don’t forget – there are also plenty of skincare products that can help you bid adieu to cellulite for good, such as Biotherm’s Celluli Eraser, complete with fat-busting caffeine.

It’s true; there’s no singular magic workout to smooth out those bumps. However, there is one exercise that goes above and beyond the cellulite extermination criteria, which will indisputably aid you on your quest for lump-free skin. The solution: our old friend, the squat.

The squat: the ultimate fat burner and muscle toner

This squat is famous for a reason. It includes big movements, involving multiple muscle groups throughout the body, representing the key to maximum weight loss. Equally, the celebrated exercise puts various muscles of the leg to work, therefore toning it to the maximum. Steer clear of isolated leg exercises such as hamstring curls, which do not realise your body’s fat-burning nor muscle-building potential!

Here are three ultimate squat exercises that are sure to get you on the road to the legs you want.

Back squat

Goblet squat

Plie squat

Be good to yourself this season and skyrocket your self-confidence with these squat exercises and cellulite-erasing skincare products. You’ll feel free to flaunt your legs in no time!

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