5 handbag essentials to help your skin survive winter

Keep your skin healthy on-the-go and win the beauty battle against winter

Winter is not just coming, but has most certainly arrived, and it’s showing on our skin. Whilst it’s toasty, cozy and warm inside, the biting cold and harsh air temperatures wreak havoc on our skin outside; and it’s this constant fluctuation which can really leave our complexion feeling damaged and over-sensitive. By switching up the contents of your handbag this winter, help to heal your skin on-the-go, and keep your complexion looking nourished and healthy whatever the weather.

Essential #1 - Hydrate your skin on-the-go with a refreshing mist

Hydration is the key to healthy, flawless skin, however researchers at the University of Lausanne have found that we lose around 450ml of water through the skin per day, and this can be heightened in periods of extreme temperature. Because the skin is porous, water vapor is constantly lost due to evaporation through the epidermis, as moisture is drawn out of the skin to compensate for the differences in environments.

We already know to include a hydrating moisturizer in our morning skincare regimens, such as Aquasource Gel , to ensure nourishment and water-plumped skin for hour after hour. However, it’s essential to top up our hydration levels during the day in order to keep skin healthy as you go back and forth from cold to warm climates. The Skin Oxygen Wonder Mist is an ultra-fine moisturizing mist to be used on-the-go, over makeup and to keep your skin hydrated all day long. This portable mist is not only enriched with Life Plankton, but is also formulated with Chlorella - the algae that breathes - to detoxify, protect and strengthen your skin this winter.

Essential #2 - Don’t forget to pamper your hands with a nourishing moisturizer

One area of our body that is often exposed to the cold, winter air, yet we tend to forget about, is our hands. Charles Crutchfield III, MD, a dermatology professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School explains that our hands’ ability to withstand winter’s harsh conditions is highly correlated with the strength of our skin barrier, and if we don’t take good enough care of it, it makes our skin more prone to dryness and sensitivity. This winter, be sure to keep a hydrating hand moisturizer in your handbag to keep your hands nourished throughout the day. Biomans is formulated with glycerin, vitamin F and D-Panthenol to help deliver moisture into the skin and reinforce the skin’s barrier, to keep your hands healthy this winter.

Essential #3 - Look after your lips with a hydrating lip balm

Our lips have a highly delicate structure, covered by a thin layer of skin and on top of that, a very thin layer of oil which protects our lips and stops them from drying out. However, this layer is so thin that in the winter the supply of sebum can often become depleted, leaving our lips dry and chapped. Furthermore, the skin’s ability to replenish moisture to this area is low, therefore it’s important to give our lips additional hydration and nourishment to keep them healthy all winter long. Biotherm’s Beurre de Lèvres is concentrated in Acacia sugar and natural vegetable oils in a butter-like texture to nourish and hydrate your lips, to leave them feeling smoother and plumped with moisture this winter.

Essential #4 - Don’t forget to defend your skin from UV rays with SPF

According to the World Health Organization , 80% of UV rays still manage to penetrate clouds, therefore it’s important to keep up your sun protection regimen even in the winter. For an on-the-go SPF, use Biotherm’s Aquasource Evermoist C.C. Cushion , which not only gives you great coverage but is also formulated with SPF23/PA++ to become your most protective, hard-working product yet! Keep it tucked away in your handbag to be prepared for any situation thanks to its ability to defend your skin while covering up blemishes, dark spots and enlarged pores, for flawless skin.

Essential #5 - Awaken your eyes with an illuminating gel

Research conducted during clinical trials at AMA Laboratories in New York , in which 5,000 women were assessed, found that 82% of participants suffered from dark circles and puffy eyes in the winter as opposed to just 38% in the summer. So it was concluded that a combination of factors - such as the skin becoming more transparent in winter due to lack of sun exposure and tanning, as well as lack of moisture in the skin - imply that dark circles are more likely to appear. Keep your complexion illuminated this winter by stashing the Aquasource Total Eye Revitalizer in your handbag to instantly refresh the skin around your eyes. This nourishing gel has been shown to instantly cool your skin by -2°C on application. Furthermore, its powerful formulation of Caffeine, Vitamin B3, Sakura leaf extract and blurring polymers, instantly revitalizes eyes to depuff, hydrate and smooth your skin this winter.

With these 5 essentials, look no further than your handbag this winter for complete care for your skin.

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