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The 5 things to do every single day to have perfect skin for the holidays

Don't fear the holiday photos this year. Your flawless skin will save you!

With a few tips and tricks under your belt, you skin will be in top condition when the holiday season hits. Do these following these things every day:

Be food-savvy

It can be tempting to indulge in cookies, chocolate, and greasy food over the holiday season. While it’s fine to eat these foods once in a while, try to choose more fruits and vegetables when you can, like avocado and dark leafy vegetables. It will help keep your calorie count down, and your skin clear.

Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse

Parties, fun makeup looks and long nights can make makeup removal seem like one hassle too many. But if you don't cleanse thoroughly (and gently) every morning and evening, you risk bacteria building up on the skin and causing breakouts. Have you tried the double cleanse beauty trend yet?

Keep skin toned

Whether you're over-tired or over-worked (or both), you may start to notice your skin sagging towards the end of the year. However, by reserving a few minutes of your day for some you-time, you can perform a few facial exercises that will not only tone up your skin, but give you a needed break from your busy routine as well. You can do them while you’re applying your face cream, to help it penetrate and soak into your skin even better! If you want to go further and enhance your natural glow, try out this face workout from Face Love Fitness:

A natural complexion

Tempting as it may be to go all-out when it comes to glamorous makeup looks during the holidays, the most beautiful version of you that you can be is your natural self. Master the art of a daily flawless complexion by applying BB Cream or CC Cream and keeping your skin well-hydrated by drinking water throughout the day.

Yoga to de-stress

Ideal for keeping in shape, focusing the mind and relaxing, yoga is great for the busy holiday season. While a daily class might take up too much of your time, performing a few simple exercises in the morning and evening (or even at work!) can sharpen and de-stress your mind and body.

Don't let skin be an issue during the holiday season. Enjoy, eat, party and spend time with loved ones, knowing your complexion won't let you down.

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