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The best winter hand care routine

Your hands are just as important as the rest of your body!

You apply weekly face masks, moisturize your arms and legs, and put on face cream with SPF protection before stepping out the door in the morning. But do you give your hands just as much attention? Most people only apply lotion to them if they think about it, or when their hands look cracked or dry. Well, we have news for you: it’s important to start doing it a lot more often! Why, you ask? Your hands are one of the places on your body that can age the fastest, because people don’t take enough precautions to keep them looking youthful. This winter, take better care of them by following our beauty routine for hands – this is the time of the year when they need it the most!

Apply hand cream with SPF throughout the day

Sun damage accounts for nearly 80% of aging. Your hands are constantly exposed to the sun, but few people think to put sunscreen on them. Keep hand cream in your handbag (and on your desk at work) that has SPF protection, like Biotherm’s Biomains, and apply it at least 3-4 times a day.

Wash them with gentle soap

Your hands touch a lot of things during the day, so it’s essential to keep them really clean. However, when you do wash them, use soap that’s specially formulated for hands (no dish soap!) to keep them from drying out, and follow up with hand lotion.

Exfoliate once a week

When you exfoliate your face during your weekly at-home facial, apply some of the scrub to your hands as well. This will help the cell turnover process and will allow your hand cream to penetrate better.

Moisturize before bed

Even if your hands don’t look dry, that doesn’t mean you should skip the hand cream. Prevention is one of the best ways to ensure that they stay soft and supple. Massage on some hand cream before you go to bed, and once or twice a week slip on some cotton gloves as well. This will create warmth and lock in the moisture, to deeply hydrate your hands.

Top tip: Whenever the chilly winter weather makes your hands look cracked, do the hand cream and glove combination. They’re guaranteed to look better by morning!

Soft, beautiful, youthful-looking hands can be yours if you follow these four easy steps.

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