Rejuvenate your beauty expertise and get skincare aware this fall

Think you know everything there is to know about beauty? Double check here!

You might think you are taking care of your skin if you simply cleanse and moisturize, but skin is demanding (it’s our largest organ, after all), so it deserves to get the full VIP treatment!

Contrary to popular belief, there are 6 steps (if not more) that entail in order to cover all grounds for your skin. And it’s even more important in September when the cold weather approaches - from dehydration due to overheating, to cold wind chills and those constant changes in temperature we have to adapt to, here is the regimen you should be taking heed of this fall.

1. Cleanse in the morning

Because cleansing at night isn’t enough, you’ll need to repeat the moves in the morning to take away any of the night’s toxins or residue. The truth is, we perspire a lot at night (gross, but true!) so this step is necessary. Try Biotherm’s Biosource Cleansing Micellar water, which handily removes makeup at the same time as any impurities.

2. Use Toner

Toner isn’t only for those who want to ‘dry out’ their skin. It actually balances your skin’s pH levels so it’s necessary whatever your skin type. Use Biosource Toner after cleansing or after a shower when your pores are open, in order to restore the healthy balance in your skin and to achieve a matte, shine-free complexion. There is also more to this soft and refreshing toner than meets the eye, as it also works as a gentle exfoliant, ridding the skin of impurities and dead skin cells. Hello glowing skin!

3. Add a face serum

Perhaps unknown to many, face serums are actually one of the unknown keys to truly healthy skin. Lightweight but adorning a much higher concentration of goodness-filled ingredients than other product styles, your skin will reap the rewards of a serum. Packed with the ultra-repairing algae of youth, Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum works to instantly soften and beautify skin, improving signs of aging including wrinkles and loss of firmness, for youthful and radiant skin.

4. Moisturize

You’ve heard it before, but moisturizing is the key to healthy, nourished skin, so don’t skip this crucial step. If you’re looking for the ultimate source of hydration, Aquasource Gel is extra charged in regenerative Life Plankton, and adapts to release continued bouts of hydration, whatever the weather. One jar contains 500 full hours of hydration, so consider yourself stocked up!

5. Always add SPF

Did you know that 80% of skin aging is caused by external aggressions, specifically UV rays? Whether you choose to use a normal face cream with SPF like Blue Therapy Multi-Defender SPF 25 or pick a straight up sunscreen, it’s key to use daily, even on cloudy days when UV rays still shine through.

6. Cleanse at night

It’s particularly important to cleanse before bed in order to free your skin of all the impurities that it’s suffered throughout the day - especially if you’re a city dweller. Enriched with Chlorella Algae Extract, nature’s ‘breathing algae’, Skin Oxygen Depolluting Cleanser will allow your skin to breathe to new levels, scrubbing away the residues of the day.

Upgrade your skincare knowledge from time to time for your healthiest skin yet!

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