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Dream skin: how to get that "peachy" glow

Peaches are so much more than just delicious!

When life gives you peaches… Treat your skin to them! Once known for being the favorite fruit of ancient Chinese emperors, peaches are now greatly adored by the Western world (appreciative nod to Alexander the Great, who brought the delicious fruit to Europe). Everyone knows that they taste and smell scrummy, but lesser known is that they can also give you peachy skin … Literally!

Keep your skin peachy in the face of sun damage

In the summer months, protecting our skin against the sun should rank top of the priorities of our beauty routine, and we’ll take any boost along the way we can get! Luckily, peaches can provide us with this nudge as they are jam-packed with flavonoids, which protect skin from ultraviolet radiation.

Sun top tip: Snack on these yellow goodies alongside frequent application of Waterlover Sun Milk SPF15. Being Biotherm’s first ocean-friendly sunscreen, you’ll not only protect your skin, but also the world’s precious waters!

Stimulate collagen production with peaches

Peaches are a rich source of nutrients, which effectively tighten pores and put the bounce back into your skin. Additionally, they are crammed with vitamin C, which boosts collagen production: the compound that gives your skin elasticity.

Firm skin top tip: Use Blue Therapy Accelerated Cream alongside your peachy diet. Highly concentrated with skin-beautifying Algae of Youth™, this new cream will tone and hydrate your skin, leaving it with a radiant and youthful finish.

If you have dry skins, eat peaches!

Due to the juicy fruit’s rich source of Vitamin A and C, the type of skin that benefits the most from peaches is dry skin. These helpful nutrients regenerate skin tissue and fill in the moisture between your cells, injecting your well-missed glow back into your skin.

Hydration top tip: Aquasource Cocoon is a dry skin superhero, adorning your skin with intense hydration thanks to its star ingredient: mannose. Combining the lightness of a gel with the nourishing comfort of a balm, you can wear it all day long!

We’re confident that you’ll be supplementing your next fruit basket with this juicy fruit!

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