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The number one rule for beautiful skin? Hydration!

Tip 6: Hydrate your skin & make your taste buds happy #UNLEASHYOURSUMMER

For beautiful, soft, radiant skin, hydration is key! From now on, Lait Corporel should be your first reflex after a shower. The formula has been clinically proven and the product has an enchanting citrus scent - its ingredients will let you discover how pleasurable hydrating your skin can be! And we’re not done - it can even slow down the effects of aging.

But one thing you should never forget before all that? Hydration starts from within. How? Drink water, water and more water. 2 liters every day - no exceptions!

“I don’t feel thirsty”, “I’m not a fan of water”, or “I don’t have time” are not good excuses. There are plenty of tricks to help you boost your water intake and make water more fun. One of them is infused water. Here are 2 great recipes to get your skin glowing:

1- Strawberry & lemon: Take 4 hulled and sliced strawberries, half a lemon cut into slices, a handful of fresh basil and a few mint leaves. You can add a few cucumber slices. If you can, try to buy all organic. Add the ingredients into fresh, preferably filtered water, and leave it to chill in the refrigerator for a few hours.

2- Pineapple, orange & apple: Slice, infuse and let chill, like the recipe above. You can also add a bit of cinnamon for more flavor.

If you ever get bored with these two recipes, invent your own infused water with any fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices or even flowers of your choice!

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