The waters holds a multitude of skin-beautifying secrets

The waters holds a multitude of skin-beautifying secrets

Delve into the depths of the ocean for intense healing

The waters holds a multitude of skin-beautifying secrets

Algae has been around for billions of years, however it’s only recently that scientists have managed to harness its unsurpassable power in skincare. Not only is algae enriched with antioxidants, but also has highly nourishing and hydrating properties. Keep reading to learn about 3 healing, skin-rejuvenating algae’s, and exactly where to find them.

Chlorella - to help breathe life back into your skin

Chlorella is nicknamed the ‘Algae the breaths’ for a reason; in nature, this unique microalga purifies the air around it, so when applied topically Chlorella harnesses oxygen and delivers it deep into the epidermis. In fact, when biotechnology experts, Pierre-Yves Morvan and Romuald Vallee through CODIF International , studied the effect of Chlorella Vulgaris on skin, they found it to stimulate collagen production and restructure the skin not only in the epidermis but also deep into the thicker layer of skin, the dermis, improving firmness, tone and the strength of the skin’s natural barrier.

This type of algae is the ideal ingredient for those who live in urban environments. Detoxifying, strengthening and healing the skin is exactly what is needed when city skin is constantly bombarded by pollutants, toxins and airborne impurities. Biotherm’s Skin Oxygen range is a complete skincare regimen enriched with Chlorella and specifically formulated for city dwellers. Starting with the Skin Oxygen Depolluting Cleanser to deeply purify skin, next comes the Skin Oxygen Anti-Pollution Oxygenating Lotion , a powerful toner to detoxify and correct any irregularities caused by your urban environment, and creating the perfect base for your skincare regimen. Follow up with the Skin Oxygen Skin Strengthening Concentrate , which penetrates deep into the skin to regenerate, restructure and strengthen your complexion to leave it looking radiant and healthy. Finish with the Skin Oxygen Cooling Gel to hydrate your skin and keep it protected for daily life in the city, and top up with Skin Oxygen Wonder Mist for on-the-go moisture and defense against UV rays and pollution.

Algae of Youth - for your youngest-looking skin yet

Otherwise known as Alaria Esculenta, this microalga was initially discovered in Greenland’s glacial waters, surviving freezing temperatures and living deep beneath the waters’ surface, withstanding extreme environments and still regenerating and growing up to 10cm a day. The Algae of Youth is rich in antioxidants, known for its energizing qualities which repair and boost the skin’s natural defenses and improves the health and quality of your complexion.

Highly concentrated in the Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum , the Algae of Youth works to dramatically improve the skin’s 3 most visible signs of aging; wrinkles, dark spots and loss of firmness. As an active ingredient in this powerful concentrate, this lightweight formula penetrates deeply to quickly repair and rejuvenate skin from deep within the dermis as well as the epidermis to leave your complexion looking younger and more radiant than ever before. When used as part of a regular skincare regimen, after 4 weeks it was discovered that 80% of the 61 women assessed found that their skin felt firmer, with 92% saying that their skin texture felt more refined and 89% of participants noticing that their skin looked for luminous and radiant.

Dark Cultivated Algae - your most mysterious rejuvenation yet

For ultimate healing and renewal, dark cultivated algae is a new blue biotech ingredient which is fermented in the dark. It’s unique production process therefore means that this algae is only activated with energy-generating molecules in the absence of light. In clinical trials, this intriguing ingredient cultivates a natural second skin barrier, boosting skin recovery and replenishment to lock in moisture for a re-energized appearance.

To really take advantage of this dark algae extract, use the Aquasource Everplump Night sleeping mask, which works with your highest rate of cellular regeneration to heal and renew your skin while you sleep. With its innovative bounce back texture, the algae of youth seeps deep into your skin, waiting until you’re surrounded by pitch black to revitalize and energize your complexion, bringing your complexion back to life while you sleep. In the morning, see your complexion look replenished and plumped, with results in as little as 1 week.

Algae is a miracle ingredient for our skin, however its natural occurrence means that its existence is at risk. To preserve and sustain algae and their microsystems that they survive in, action needs to be taken, and fast! Check out Biotherm’s Water Lovers platform for more information on this topic, and reap the enormous rewards that algae and our oceans give us for many years to come.

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