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The secret to a good night's sleep is the right pillow

Here’s how to check if yours is giving you enough shut-eye.

You spend a lot of time with your pillow – 1/3 of your life to be exact. If you don’t believe us, check out My Life Asleep, an online tool that calculates the number of years, days and hours you’ve already spent asleep. But is your sleep restorative enough to give you radiant skin? Chances are yes – if you have the right pillow.


Soft, malleable, firm: A pillow for each sleep position

Petit Meunier, a French company that makes pillows, says that the two most important factors to take into consideration when choosing a pillow are your morphology and sleeping position.

Soft pillows: A flat, soft pillow is great for people that sleep on their stomach. It protects the arch of the back and places less strain on the neck and spine. These types of pillows are ideal for anyone who’s on the shorter side, and children.

Malleable pillows: Side sleepers need a pillow that is soft, but malleable to support their neck, head and shoulders. It should be flexible enough to bend a bit when someone places a hand under their pillow, but still retain its shape.

Firm pillows: A firm pillow is perfect for back sleepers. It must be flat and compact to support the upper body. Very tall people would also benefit from this type of pillow.

Top tip: To prevent premature wrinkles, sleeping on your back is ideal. However, if you have a medical condition like sleep apnea, we suggest you speak with your doctor first to determine if this sleeping position is suitable.

Investing in a pillow that’s adapted to you will give you a deep, restful sleep. And don’t forget to follow our tips to get your skin sleeping better as well!

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