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The ultimate post-holiday season beauty routine

The top 5 beauty things to do for a more radiant complexion.

Now that the busy Christmas period is over, you can dedicate more time to your skin. Follow these tips to get it glowing and back to its pre-holiday season glory!

Make a beauty resolution for the New Year

While we can’t tell you what your resolution should be (everyone’s skin is different and we don’t know what your beauty habits are!), making one is a great step towards a more beautiful complexion. Choose one thing you think you should be doing more – or less – of, and start incorporating it into your everyday beauty routine. Some examples are, only washing your face twice a day to avoid dryness, always using toner after washing your face to balance your skin’s pH levels, or using serum at night, like Biotherm’s Blue Therapy Serum-in-Oil to deeply moisturize your skin.

Visit a sauna

A sauna session will help you work up a sweat to detox your body and improve blood flow – exactly what your skin needs after the holidays!

Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells

Chances are during the holiday season you weren’t giving yourself any weekly at-home facials (you were busy, we get it!). Take the time now to exfoliate from head to toe, to help your skin cells turn over and renew. This will help your creams and serums penetrate into your skin better and leave it softer, and better hydrated. Just be sure to use different scrubs for your face and body, as your face tends to be more sensitive. Look for a scrub that contains microbeads (without polyethylene), like Biosource Daily Exfoliating Gelée.

Give your skin a deep clean

Your skin went through a lot between long nights out and all the makeup you wore to your holiday parties. Help it breathe better again by using applying an antioxidant-rich face mask, like Skin Best Wonder Mud. Your face will look brighter, younger, and refreshed!

Beautify your plate

Beauty products can do wonders for your skin, but a healthy diet is just as important. Look for foods that can really boost your glow, like sweet potatoes, and make sure you’re getting your daily servings of fruits and vegetables every single day.

Getting your glow back after the holidays is easier than you think!

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