This exercise will give your arms an all over workout

Tip 32: Shape up your arms by learning how to do Downward Dog to Upward Dog Flow with Amanda Bisk. #UNLEASHYOURSUMMER

Not only will you be working your shoulders and back with this exercise, but you will also target and shape that common trouble area...the back of your arms! I love doing this flow to wake up in the morning!

How to do it:

- Start in Downward Dog (picture 1), with your feet hip distance apart. Guide your heels to the ground, sit bones to the sky, and press strongly through your hands and fingertips to lengthen your spine.

- INHALE and slowly move your shoulders forward to Plank Position (picture 2). Keep your belly button in and pull your shoulders AWAY from your ears (think ‘long neck’).

- EXHALE, slowly begin to lower to the ground bending your elbows into your ribcage (picture 3). Keep your body tight and keep a nice straight line from your head to your heels. The slower you lower your body, the better the workout for your arms!

- When you lower to the ground, INHALE, squeeze your bottom (to protect your lower back) and start to straighten your arms lifting your chest forward and up. Keep your neck long and pull your shoulders back and down (picture 4). If you are a beginner or have a sensitive lower back, keep a slight bend in your elbows. For people with an advanced fitness level, straighten your elbows entirely.

- EXHALE, lift your hips to the sky, roll over your toes and return to Downward Dog.

This equals 1 cycle.


Beginner – 5 cycles. Repeat 3 times.

Advanced - 10 cycles. Repeat 3 times.

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