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This is the best time to apply your anti-cellulite cream

Follow our advice to make the most of your anti-cellulite cream.

If you’re like most women, we bet you’ve turned yourself into a detective at one point or another to investigate how to get rid of your cellulite. But if you’re reading this, then chances are you haven’t found everything you’re looking for yet. While there’s no miracle cure (we wish there was!), regular workouts and clean eating can help a lot. But did you know that the time you apply your anti-cellulite also plays a major role in getting rid of that orange peel skin once and for all?

Should you put it on before or after working out?

According to Dr. Elisa Simonpietri, Biotherm’s scientific director, you should be massaging your anti-cellulite cream onto clean skin "Either 30 minutes before your sport session, or right after."

How do you apply it?

"Always make circular movements, from the bottom up," says Simonpietri. Warm a bit of your anti-cellulite cream or gel, like Celluli Eraser in the palms of your hands and then use deep and firm kneading motions.

What is the best sport to do to get rid of cellulite?

If you already checked out our other article where we talk about cellulite, then you know that swimming and cycling are great options. Cardio is also wonderful – like kickboxing – however we recommend speaking with your trainer or doctor first to determine what exercise would be best for your particular needs.

Start adding your anti-cellulite creams to your workout schedule and those bumps will start to look smoother before you know it.

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