This is the best way to de-stress and soothe the soul

Tip 10: Find new ways to chill out #UNLEASHYOURSUMMER

Don’t worry. We all have to deal with stress on a regular basis, but there’s always a way to make it better! Here are our SOS tips:

First technique: Mindful breathing meditation. Try it right away! All you need to do is to become aware of the present moment and observe your breath. You can do this anywhere, anytime. Sit somewhere that's calm, keeping your back straight and your eyes closed. Pay attention to how you inhale and exhale. Where do you feel your respiration (in your belly, your chest…)? Is it slow or short? Start to become aware of it - these 15 to 20 seconds of conscious breathing will immediately calm you down.

Second technique: To destress, lie down for a moment and focus your thoughts on positive things. Picture happy moments, or anything that can bring back pleasurable times.

Third technique: Give yourself an express face massage to relieve tension. Using the second phalange of the forefinger and the middle finger, massage your forehead and the eyebrow arch. Start from the middle of the forehead then move out towards the temples. Believe us, it works and it’s excellent for smoothing away any forehead wrinkles. Yoga can also help you reconnect with your body and relax - many people say that once you start yoga you can’t stop. If yoga isn't your thing, you could do stretching, tai chi, qi qong, and walking, preferably in an outdoor place or in nature. And if you’re a dark chocolate lover, let yourself enjoy a piece daily. Rich in magnesium, it’s an amazing remedy for stress. Now you have a reason to eat chocolate every day!

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