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This might be the best drink to help you refuel after a workout

Drink up.

Between the Euro 2016, the Olympics this summer, and wanting to get your abs six-pack ready for summer, chances are you’ve gotten more inspired to work out recently. Many different drink options exist that will rehydrate your body after a tough gym session, and coconut water could be your best option.

What your body needs after a workout

When you sweat you lose electrolytes like sodium, potassium and magnesium. After a workout it’s important to replenish what was lost through drinking fluids like chocolate milk, coconut water, and sports drinks.

Coconut water vs. Sports drinks

Most people are used to rehydrating with commercial sports drinks after exercising. While they have more sodium than coconut water (which is referred to as “Mother Nature’s sports drink”), they’re also loaded in more sugar and additives. Coconut water has more potassium than sports drinks (nearly as much as a small banana), which is needed to maintain fluid balance.

The type of exercise you do does matter

If you do light to moderate exercise (45 minutes to an hour) then coconut water is definitely the better choice – just make sure to look for a brand that has no added sugar.

However, if you train like a professional athlete your body won’t be able to restock enough of the electrolyte sodium with just coconut water alone. You might have to eat some foods with sodium, like dill pickles to compensate.

Conclusion? Coconut water is a wonderful natural option to restock your electrolytes and have enough energy to seize the rest of the day!

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