This new cream transforms into...oil!

Is it magic or just great science?

Every woman should have at least one product in her bathroom that not only makes her feel special, but delivers maximum skin benefits as well. Biotherm’s new Blue Therapy Cream-in-Oil is one of those unique products and will be a welcome addition to any anti-aging beauty routine.

Marine Connectum and natural therapeutic oils: A powerful duo

As you get older, your skin’s structure weakens, causing wrinkles and fine lines to set in. Face exercises can help smooth away fine lines, plump up your skin and even help you improve your glow. However, your skin needs an extra boost to get rid of deep stubborn lines. Cream-in-Oil from the Blue Therapy range will help erase them as well as help reinforce your skin’s barrier to prevent future damage. This is thanks to the combination of Marine Connectum, a sulfated sugar found in a marine microorganism in the salt marshes of Guérande, and natural therapeutic oils that are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 (great for collagen production) – you’ll start to see results in just one month!

When cream and oil combine, a unique luxurious texture results

What makes Biotherm’s Cream-in-Oil so remarkable is its honey-like lightweight gel texture that doesn’t feel greasy or sticky, despite the high concentration of oils contained in the cream. This texture is obtained through nanoemulsion technology (Micro Fragmented Oil Technology to be precise) which breaks the oil droplets into even smaller droplets until they become transparent and gel-like. Once the cream is applied to the skin it breaks again, transforming itself into warm oil. Since Marine Connectum has a similar composition to human skin, the oil can penetrate instantly, allowing the oils to deliver intense nourishment to dry, aging skin.

Transform your skin and your skincare routine with Biotherm’s Blue Therapy Cream-in-Oil. Your face will feel more toned, look smoother and more radiant, and you’ll preserve your youthful looks for years to come!

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