Decode your breakouts with this expert guide to facial mapping

Here’s how to understand your skin and keep those blemishes at bay

Blemishes, breakouts and full blown acne can often hit when least expected, but have you ever noticed that sometimes these imperfections can occur in exactly the same place? Well, according to the concept of facial mapping, different flare-ups can be the result of a variety of different reasons. Keep reading to get the lowdown on face mapping, and target your blemishes in the most expert way.

Area #1: the T-zone - give your skin a boost with antioxidants

If you notice that blemishes between the eyebrows, it could be a sign that you’re having a hard time breaking down certain types of foods, so upping your antioxidant levels with green tea and more alkaline foods, such as dark green vegetables, could really help your complexion. To give your skin an additional boost, choose a skincare product that is packed with antioxidant properties such as the Skin Oxygen Skin Strengthening Concentrate . Formulated with Chlorella extract, aka the Algae that breathes, this penetrating serum works deep within the epidermis to repair and strengthen your epidermis for a flawless complexion.

Area #2: the forehead - soothe your skin with the healing power of Life Plankton™

Blemishes in the forehead area can primarily be caused by stress. What with work, social and personal commitments, life can be full on, so don’t forget to indulge yourself in a little ‘me-time’ with a healing face mask to benefit both your skin and your mind! The Life Plankton™ Mask is highly concentrated in the skin renewing microorganism to react directly to you skin’s condition, triggering deep cellular repair and renewal. Wake up to de-stressed, soothed and noticeably healed skin morning after morning.

Area #3: the cheeks - defend your skin against pollution for a flawless complexion

If you’ve recently had to spend time in the city, sit in traffic for hours or come into contact with airborne pollutants, this could explain the blemishes showing up on the cheeks. Thoroughly cleansing both morning and night is the most effective way to limit breakouts in this area. The Skin Oxygen Depolluting Cleanser is specifically formulated with city dwellers in mind, with its inclusion of the highly antioxidant algae, Chlorella, to detoxify the skin. This refreshing gel melts onto your skin, trapping and removing urban impurities to leave your skin deeply purified and revitalized.

Area #4: the chin - purify your skin and become attune to your body’s natural rhythm

Blemishes on the chin can often be attributed to fluctuating hormones which may cause an overproduction and build up of sebum in the pores around this area. In the days before your period, try to pay extra attention to your skincare routine and perhaps choose a purifying mask to really give your skin a little bit of extra love. Adopt the Skin Best Wonder Mud twice weekly to deeply purify, repair and strengthen your skin. With its composition of Ghassoul Mineral Clay and the antioxidant Astaxanthin, this deeply penetrating mask absorbs oil and impurities to diminish visible pores and improve the health of your skin, whilst effectively removing any stubborn, lingering impurities.

Upgrade your skincare knowledge with this guide to facial mapping, and keep blemishes at bay for a healthy complexion.

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