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Want great skin over the holiday season? Monitor your alcohol intake

Keep your skin clear without having to compromise on enjoying yourself.

Office parties, nights out with friends and family get-togethers... the holiday season is packed with opportunities to let loose, have fun, and – sometimes – drink a little too much. If you're concerned about your skin looking a bit dull this holiday season, keep an eye on your alcohol intake. That said, don’t hold yourself back from going out and having fun!

Skin quality and hydration

Our bodies are composed of 50% water, and every organ needs water to function correctly. This includes the body's largest organ, the skin, which without enough water, can't retain its elasticity and is more likely to wrinkle and look dull and pale due to decreased blood circulation. When you drink alcohol, you’re depleting your body of water, so try to alternate between one glass of alcohol and one glass of water to rehydrate.

Avoid the "hungover face"

Puffy cheeks, pimples, and red, bloodshot eyes with shadows are often what we wake up to after a night with too many beers. The red eyes are due to the alcohol reducing oxygen to your red blood cells, causing the vessels to clump together. The puffy, sometimes red face is caused by a swelling of the skin in reaction to a lack of water and vitamin A, which is why vitamin-packed foods, like kale (it can taste good if prepared the right way!) and sweet potatoes are your best bet for next-day detoxifying and replenishing.

Apply a nourishing moisturizer, like Aquapower morning and night after washing to plump up fine lines caused by dehydration. This way your face won’t have "one jaegerbomb too many" written all over it the next day!

While we'd like to just hide in bed until everything is better, unfortunately life carries on and most times you need to get up and face the world - or even just meet the guys for lunch. However, if you follow our tips, the day after a big night out doesn't have to be a day of torture (especially during the holidays), and your skin won't reflect the internal struggle.

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