Under the skin: all you need to know about toxins

Did you know that our skin absorbs as many toxins as we breathe in?

The phrase ‘detoxify’ has become an increasingly popular buzz word in the beauty industry. Our skincare regimes revolve around protecting and eliminating toxins from our skin - but what does all this mean? Knowledge is the best form of power, so keep reading to discover how to approach toxins.

First thing’s first - what are toxins?

The dictionary defines a toxin as a ‘poisonous substance’, however experts admit that in the cosmeceutical world, the interpretation of a toxin is fairly informal. Ultimately, experts agree that toxins affect metabolic activity and result in the creation of antibodies to expel them from our bodies. Essentially, anything that causes the skin to react, be that with redness, irritation or a break out can be considered as a toxin.

How do toxins get into our body?

Between what we eat and the world around us, we’re exposed to countless toxins on a daily basis!

The hustle and bustle of living in a city is exciting as we explore the energizing and adventurous delights they to offer, however it does no favors for our complexion. Experts have found that molecules from smoke, dirt and exhaust fumes are coated in polyaromatic hydrocarbons, which are really good at penetrating our skin and binding to skin cell receptors, causing oxidative stress. This pollution can result in blocked pores, making our skin less luminous, giving it an uneven pigmentation and making us increasingly prone to blemishes.

But why should we have to sacrifice living in our favorite city for glowing skin? Get the best of both worlds with Biotherm’s Skin Oxygen Anti-Pollution Oxygenating Lotion to protect your skin against free radicals whilst detoxifying skin in 7 days - 89.3% of participants in a study explained that they felt their skin could breathe again, so why not let yours feel the same?

How do toxins affect our skin?

The liver is the primary organ that carries out complicated chemical processes to expel toxins from your body. However, if our body builds up too many toxins, our livers aren’t able to function in the way they’re supposed to. This is where the skin comes into play, taking responsibility for eliminating toxins, flushing out harmful substances that emerge in our complexion as redness, acne and even fine lines.

What can we do about toxins?

Moisturize - As a staple of our daily beauty routine, moisturizer keeps skin hydrated and luminous, and when it comes to toxins, it’s our secret weapon. Moisturizer acts as a barrier to pollution, whereby airborne free radicals stick to it, unable to penetrate the skin. Biotherm’s Blue Therapy Multi-Defender will protect and visibly repair skin, acting as a complete shield against all outdoor aging accelerators, leaving your complexion more even, smooth and firm.

Cleansing masks - Research has found that clay masks have a negative charge, which help to detoxify skin by attracting the positive charge of impurities and pulling them to the surface of our skin. Cleanse skin thoroughly to eliminate impurities, then apply Skin Best Wonder Mud, a clay mineral mask which is full of antioxidants that help to deeply cleanse, minimize pores and revive skin to fight against the buildup of city life, leaving your complex rejuvenated, brighter and velvety-soft.

Diet - You are what you eat, and by eating the wrong foods, toxins can start to build up in our bodies. It can be difficult to avoid tasty temptations (trust us!), but cut out fried foods and opt for healthier fats like salmon to eat your way to strong skin cells, improved elasticity and a youthful complexion.

Exercise - In order to detoxify, we need to get our bodies moving in order to effectively eliminate toxins. A myth when it comes to detoxification is that by exercising, you sweat out toxins. Perspiration, however, is made up of 99% water, and 1% carbs, salts and proteins - no toxins unfortunately. However, all is not lost, as by taking part in yoga, we increase the mobility of our organs to performs their normal detoxifying functions, and help to get things moving to avoid the buildup of toxins.

We may not be able to avoid toxins, but follow these detoxifying tips to keep skin healthy, radiant and rejuvenated, and enjoy life no matter where you live!

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