Never underestimate the power of a beauty serum

The ultimate guide to why, when and what to use.

Whilst many products in the beauty world seem pretty straightforward, serums can be a bit of a mystery even if you consider yourself a skincare pro. Moisturizers moisturize, cleansers cleanse, exfoliators exfoliate and serums...what exactly is it that serums do? Read on to get to know this beauty booster inside out, with our ultimate guide to serums.

What is a serum?

A serum is a light beauty fluid that is applied to the skin after cleansing and before moisturizing. They’re designed to deliver a powerful dose of various ingredients directly to the skin for an intense, targeted treatment.

What’s so special about a serum?

Serum’s contain a more concentrated shot of their active ingredients (a potent mix of all the best bits!). They can also penetrate deeper into the skin’s layers as they’re made up of smaller molecules. This makes a serum ideal for tackling specific skin concerns you have.

What’s the difference between serum, moisturizer and oil?

Serums can perhaps be better defined by what they don’t contain. Although serums offer hydrating benefits, they ditch certain heavy ingredients commonly found in moisturizers which are designed to prevent water from evaporating and create a barrier on the skin. Most serums are water based, although we’re now seeing the emergence of new hybrid oil-serums like Blue Therapy Serum-In-Oil. It combines the repairing properties of a face oil within the power of a serum, to get to work on visible signs of aging.

Do serum’s have targeted solutions to problem areas?

Although there are many serums which can help to improve the overall skin quality of your complexion, there are also more targeted serum treatments available for other skin areas needing extra TLC. A serum makes a great lightweight choice for the delicate eye area. Blue Therapy Eye-Opening Serum uses strong algae extracts to smooth wrinkles, depuff bags and lift lids. The power of a serum also works hard to firm, shape and tone the bust area in Super Bust, Tense-in-Serum.

How do I choose the right serum for my skin?

The right serum for you depends upon the skin concerns you most want to target. For dry and dull skin opt for a deeply hydrating option like Aquasource Deep Serum, which uses an impressive 35 nutrients to regenerate skin with glowing effects. City dwellers looking to combat the damaging effects of urban environments need Skin Oxygen Skin Strengthening Concentrate. Its detoxifying and antioxidant powers strengthen and repair skin. If you’re worried about skin aging (and quite frankly who isn’t?!) then choose Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum to say bye bye to fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. The results are instantly softer and supple skin, with the signs of aging dramatically improving with use.

Serums can be a small but mighty addition to your skincare routine!

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