Baicalin: the intriguing ingredient for beautiful skin

Baicalin… Ever heard of it before? Unlikely, but this little natural ingredient has a multitude of benefits for your skin - as well as for your sleep and mind!

Pronounced ‘Bay-Co-Lin’ and nicknamed ‘the golden root’, Baicalin is an extract of Scutellaria Baicalensius, a beautiful purple flower which originates from Lake Baikal in Siberia - one of the oldest and clearest lakes in the world. This little purple plant has immense antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a true must-have in medicine and skincare. Keep reading to understand why people are obsessing over this natural wonder of the world…

#1: Baicalin for anti aging

Although you may not have heard of baicalin, this ingredient is often added to your favorite products due to its amazing anti-aging properties.

In fact, this root extract can penetrate so deep into our skin that it helps to repair the parts of our DNA that are responsible for the visible signs of aging. Studies have found that baicalin can increase the working life of our skin cells by 10% and can make our complexions more elastic and firm, shaving off the years portrayed on our skin.

Biotherm’s Blue Therapy Multi-Defender is enriched with concentrated baicalin extract, which, in combination with vitamin E, Life Plankton and Algae of Youth (Alaria Esculenta), can boost our skin from all angles. The baicalin intrinsically helps to combat premature aging, and when paired with the other elements skin is left visibly repaired, hydrated and radiant. But don’t just take our word for it! Results have shown that after 8 weeks, 84% of participants found their complexion to be more even, 85% noted smoother skin, and 76% believed their skin to be firmer - we can’t argue with that!

#2 Baicalin for sleep

We all love our sleep - who doesn’t love a full 8 hours of peace? However, in our hectic lives, beauty sleep can often be more of a fairytale than reality, and lack of sleep can leave our skin looking less than radiant.

Enter: Baicalin. When taken as a supplement, researchers have found that although this root extract is not known for its sedative effects, it may enhance and regulate our sleeping patterns, allowing for deeper sleep during the REM phase of our sleep cycle. This could help leave our bodies and minds (and skin!) feeling rested and rejuvenated. Why not give your skin an added boost by coupling this with use of Aquasource Night Spa? This triple-action night balm is formulated with Life Plankton and Polynesian Marine Organism Extract, which work together to leave skin regenerated and replenished in the morning.

#3 Baicalin to boost your mood

Studies have also suggested that Baicalin has the potential for strong stress relief and relaxation benefits . By acting on the GABA receptors in your brain - your body’s natural relaxation receptors - Baicalin can stimulate your brain to produce a hormone which can boost mood and keep us stress-free - which, as we know, can also do wonders for the skin, as well as for our wellbeing!

One of many active ingredients

Baicalin is just one of many active natural ingredients; our planet breeds a myriad of wondrous skincare superheroes, such as dark cultivated algae extract, Algae of Youth, Life Plankton and Chlorella Vulgaris, which all regenerate and beautify skin in their own way, and are deeply infused into Biotherm’s products - providing you with the latest cutting-edge natural and ecological skincare regimen.

So, there you have it - Baicalin can help to improve your mood, sleep and skin, and is just one of the many natural wonders of our planet!

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