Cellulite: are you sure you know everything?

Smooth things over with your skin this summer and keep cellulite at bay

It’s an issue that can affect us all. Whether we’re athletic or curvy, tall or short, young or old, cellulite is a cosmetic condition that unites women, affecting nearly 90% of us at some point during our lives. However, there is no reason to let it rule our lives, so keep reading to find out what it is and how we can combat it to keep us feeling body confident all summer long!

Cellulite is not fat

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be out of shape to have cellulite! Cellulite occurs when underlying fat deposits push through layers of connective tissue and collagen fibers under the skin, which then appears to us as dimples, dents and bumps.

It sounds reasonable, but have you ever noticed that men don’t tend to have cellulite? Only 10% of our male counterparts are affected by the imperfection as their collagen is arranged in an X-pattern, meaning that there are only very small areas for fat to penetrate. However, women’s skin tissue is arranged in parallel rows - like pillars - allowing fat to easily penetrate the connective tissue and create the illusion of dimpling.

4 steps to bust cellulite

Although there are a few factors than can contribute to cellulite, don’t feel too disheartened as genetics can often play a huge factor in the appearance of our skin. However, to improve your chances at busting cellulite, focus on the following to help keep skin silky-smooth all summer long.

#1 Exercise

Being out of shape doesn’t automatically equate to more cellulite, but by toning our muscles we can make it much less noticeable. A study found that cardio can help keep the weight off and slightly reduce the appearance of dimples or dents, but for ultra-smooth skin, we need to lift those weights. By combining a routine of weighted lunges, squats and step-ups, we can firm up our muscles and smooth out our skin.

#2 Adjust your diet

A high-water content diet can help to keep connective tissue strong and supple. By drinking at least two liters of water a day and eating foods such as cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers, we keep skin hydrated and cells nourished to help skin look smoother and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Take a tip from the Greeks and combine these 3 ingredients with feta, onions, olive oil and a bit of salt and pepper for taste for a delicious, cellulite-busting recipe.

#3 Choose the right products

By enjoying a healthy lifestyle, we can do a lot to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, but we can really give skin a boost to smooth by using Biotherm’s Celluli Eraser , which has been proven to visibly and durably erase cellulite in 14 days. This slimming gel has a double efficacy, enriched with pure caffeine, a stimulant which experts have shown can improve circulation while also breaking down fat stores, shrinking fat cells and preventing them from reforming. Complement this with Body Refirm Anti-Cellulite Oil for the ultimate combination to smooth and firm skin; massage in to activate the micro-algae extract, Astaxanthin - known for its powerful antioxidant properties - and to benefit from quick-action tightening of the skin to cut down on your cellulite.

#4 Bronze up

The color of our skin can also affect the appearance of cellulite. A golden glow can make cellulite less noticeable, so why not benefit from a bit of bottled help to become beautifully bronzed and give the illusion of smooth, toned skin? Go for Autobronzant Tonique for a natural, radiant glow, making skin feel smooth, satin-like and cellulite-free!

Although we may not be able to cure cellulite, we can absolutely reduce its appearance, so be sure to follow these simple tricks for a smooth and beautiful summer.

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