8 days to try...jade-rolling: the ancient beauty technique

8 days is the length of time it takes for Biotherm’s regenerative Life Plankton Essence to make a difference. How does jade rolling fair in comparison?

Jade rolling has quickly become a popular skincare ritual for experts and enthusiasts alike. With its ancient Chinese background and healing properties said to balance your chi, this crystal-based tool may seem more spiritual than practical, but don’t judge a jade roller by its jewel. Apart from expelling bad energy, jade rolling is also said to brighten our complexion, smooth out fine lines and detoxify skin - but can it really do this in just over a week?

Beauty benefit #1: Get the maximum effect from your skin care products

This crystal facial is said to help maximize the benefits of our beauty products. Experts suggest we should think of our skin as roof tiling, whereby our skin cells lie in the same direction, overlapping. By using the jade roller to massage our skin upwards, we open up our skin cells to better absorb our favorite serums or moisturizers, allowing them to fully penetrate our skin.

Why not treat yourself to a relaxing jade roller session before bed? Apply Life Plankton Mask, an intense repair treatment to rejuvenate skin, and spend five minutes massaging it into your skin, to get the most out of your nighttime beauty routine. After beauty sleep and healing crystal vibes, wake up to luminous, hydrated and silky-smooth skin.

Beauty benefit #2: Massage your way to detoxified skin

By rolling this healing gem across our skin, we stimulate blood flow and improve circulation, which helps our lymphatic system carry away the toxins that build up in our body and can make skin look puffy. By breaking down the excess fluid in our tissue we provide our skin with better nutrition, stimulate the production of collagen and detoxify, leaving skin healthier and rejuvenated!

Roll the cooling jade stone on dark under-eye circles to encourage lymphatic drainage and reduce swelling and discoloration. Combine with Biotherm’s Blue Therapy Eye to firm up and brighten delicate under eye skin whilst repairing wrinkles and fighting signs of aging - a winning formula!

5-Step Routine

Keep it cool - store your roller in the fridge. This semi-precious stone will remain cold for longer while in contact with the skin to enhance its anti-inflammatory benefits

Blank canvas - Remove any impurities on your skin by using Biosource Cleansing Micellar Water to purify, tone and cleanse.

Maximize the effects - Choose the area you want to focus on and select your product accordingly. Why not use Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum to repair visible signs of aging and to beautify, smooth and improve the elasticity of skin. Or perhaps Life Plankton Essence, the step 0 to any beauty regime, to regenerate and hydrate skin, leaving your complexion glowing and rejuvenated.

Rock and Roll! - Roll your jade roller upwards and outwards 3 times in each section. Don’t forget to reduce the pressure under your eyes!

Clean up - Dab your face dry and apply a hydrating moisturizer such as Aquasource Gel to finish the job and achieve a day-long glow.


Although it has been used in Chinese tradition for generations, particularly amongst the royal set, can jade rolling really live up to our 8-day challenge?

By rolling our skin to stimulate blood flow and by using the cool crystal to counteract inflammation, we may be able to see smoother, de-puffed skin from day 1, but it will take longer than 8 days to to see significant changes in our skin. However, by using jade rolling to give our skin the perfect environment to absorb our anti-aging products or miracle moisturizers, coupled with a healthy and active lifestyle, we set ourselves on the right track for healthy, glowing skin.

Whether you’re a hippy at heart, or a skincare enthusiast through-and-through, jade rolling could be an ancient technique to update your beauty routine.

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