Under the skin: Master your cleansing routine for ultimate purification

Purify your skincare knowledge and get the lowdown on all of these cleansing elements

Throughout the day, our skin can encounter a whole host of impurities. Whether they’re produced by our own bodies, such as excess sebum or dead skin cells, or just land on our skin from being present in the atmosphere, these impurities can affect the health of our complexion. For flawless skin, cleansing is of the utmost importance, however it can be difficult to understand exactly what should go into your regimen for deep purification. We explain everything you need to know about cleansing for your most rejuvenated skin yet.

Water-based cleanser

Cleansers are the basis of your skincare routine, and should be used both morning and night to rid your skin of lingering impurities. Airborne toxins, dirt and dust can penetrate your epidermis to clog your pores, causing blemishes, pigmentation and lacklustre skin. Furthermore, your own skin can cause potential blockages, whereby at night your skin renews and regenerates itself, leaving behind a slew of dead skin cells which can make their way into your pores. For these types of impurities, water-based cleansers work most effectively to purify your skin. They’re also best for those with oily skin, as they gently cleanse without adding extra greasy moisture to our complexion. Our ultimate skincare savior is the Biosource Cleansing Micellar Water . With is multi-detox complex and concentration in Life Plankton™, this healing cleanser works to tone, purify and rid your skin of excess eye makeup to leave your skin feeling refreshed and renewed.

Oil-based cleanser

Contrary to water-based cleansers, oil-based cleansers attract the oil in your skin to extract it and leave your complexion deeply purified. Sebum, makeup and urban impurities can all be particularly stubborn when it comes to cleansing, but when targeted with an oil-based cleanser such as the Biosource Total Renew Oil , can be removed with ease thanks to its multiphase texture which transforms from an oil into a foam for intense purification. Formulated with L. Saccharina, this nourishing cleanser benefits from a unique anti-pollution adhesion agent to remove 73% of all PM2.5 particles in one easy step, leaving your complexion radiant and renewed. Those who are looking for youthful skin will also benefit from this oil-based cleanser, as it naturally replenishes the epidermis with a blend of botanical oils to nourish your complexion and help it to look plumped and illuminated.


Often underrated, toners act as the last step in your cleansing routine to remove any lingering impurities on your complexion, as well as hydrating and balancing your natural barrier to prime your skin as the perfect blank canvas for your subsequent skincare routine. The Skin Oxygen Anti-Pollution Lotion goes one step further than a regular toner, thanks to its concentration of Chlorella algae extract, which oxygenates and detoxifies your skin for deep clarification. In fact, after 7 days of use, 100% of the 56 women asked said that their skin looked renewed, with 89.3% saying this toner allowed their skin to breathe and 69.9% stating that their skin looked and felt healthier.


For deep cleansing, exfoliators work to penetrate your pores and target not only the impurities which lie on your skin, but also the sebum, dirt and dead skin cells which may have targeted your epidermis throughout the day. Although it can be tempting to over-scrub your skin when you’re suffering from blemishes, breakouts and blackheads, exfoliating should be used with care in order to ensure the good health of your skin. Whatever your skin type, the Biosource Daily Exfoliating Gelée melts deep into your skin and uses its unique combination of Life Plankton™, L. Saccharina and low-density volcanic rock to gently work impurities out of your pores one by one, leaving your epidermis perfectly clean, refined and revitalized. Use twice a week alongside your daily cleansing routine to really rejuvenate your complexion.

Clay mask

As a compliment to exfoliating, cleansing masks work as the most deep form of cleansing for your skin, and clay is our ingredient of choice when it comes to ultimate purification. The Skin Best Wonder Mud contains the antioxidant Astaxanthin and Ghassoul Mineral Clay for powered-up cleansing, not only removing impurities from your skin, but targeting the root of the cause and helping to improve the health of your pores for long-term healthy skin. Of the 51 women who tested this targeted treatment over 4 weeks, 88% noticed smaller looking, less clogged pores and 94% said that their skin felt as if detoxified.

Now that you know all about the elements of a cleansing routine, give your skin a boost for an intensely purified complexion.

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