Serum Vs Moisturizer: Guys; do you know the difference?

Get the lowdown and these two skincare superheros

Whether you’ve been getting advice from your wives, girlfriends, mothers or sisters, you may be aware that the skincare world can be… complicated. Although this may initially seem confusing, there is actually sense to this skincare obsession, so why don’t we start with the basics? Serums and moisturizers are staples of any skincare routine, so keep reading to upgrade your knowledge and find out about these two powerhouses to really give your skin a boost.

The lowdown on serums

Lightweight, highly concentrated and full to the brim with active ingredients, serums work to penetrate deep within the lower layers of your skin to work their magic. Formulated specifically with the intention to deliver powerful ingredients directly to the cause of your skincare concerns, serums are composed of tiny molecules, which allow their formulation to pass through the epidermis more readily than other products such as lotions or creams. Whatever the concern, serums work the most effectively to target areas of your skin that you specifically want to improve. The eye area can often be an area which gives away tell-tale signs of age and fatigue, so using a serum here can boost your complexion. The Force Supreme Eye Architect Serum uses Blue Algae extract, Life Plankton™ and the refirming pro-xylane to re-firm the eye zone, as well as lift wrinkles, reduce dark circles and deflate puffed-up eyes for a rejuvenated complexion.

The lowdown on moisturizers

Contrary to a serum, moisturizers are much heavier in texture, and have the sole aim to deliver hydration to your complexion. As a broad term, ‘moisturizers’ can encompass gels, lotions or creams, however whatever the format each of these work to lock in moisture and nourish your skin to ensure the proper functioning of your cells. Without hydration, our skin cells can lose moisture to the atmosphere around us, so moisturizing in the morning and night can help to make your skin feel alive, and save your complexion from looking dull and lacklustre.

All moisturizers are not born the same, so choosing the right product for your skin is of the utmost importance. If you notice that your complexion feels oily or is prone to breakouts, then it’s wise to opt for a water-based moisturizer such as the Aquapower Fresh Water-Gel , to give your skin all the moisture it needs without encouraging a buildup of sebum and blemishes. If you find that your skin leans dry, then it’s important to go for a skin-specific moisturizer, such as the Aquapower Dry Skin , to quench and replenish your skin with its targeted formula.

Use them together to achieve healthy-looking skin

Serums and moisturizers both have a place in your skincare routine. When combined, this dynamic duo can boost the healing and rejuvenating effects to your skin to leave your complexion looking healthier than ever before. For example, if age-repair is your concern, then look no further than this ultimate combo...

The Force Supreme Youth Architect Serum is formulated with advanced technology to work directly with the dermis to rebuild and restructure your skin and revitalize your complexion. With the surface fully restored and rejuvenated, lines are instantly smoothed out, skin looks toned and you have a radiance like never before.

When used after this powerful serum, a nourishing moisturizer will seep deep into the epidermis thanks to the serum’s priming effects, allowing for increased effectiveness of your subsequent skincare routine. Follow up with the Force Supreme Youth Architect Cream to give your skin that extra boost. Enriched with Algae of Youth, Life Plankton™ and Pro-Xylane, this refreshing cream instantly penetrates the epidermis to reshape and restore the appearance of your skin, whilst also delivering intense moisture to your complexion. The ultimate skincare superheros!

So guys, keep it simple and adopt these 2 easy steps both morning and night to transform your skin.

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