From day cream to night cream - do you know the difference?

It’s a lot more than you might think!

A lot of people apply the same cream to their face just before bed as they’ve worn during the day. Although you’d be forgiven for thinking that all face creams are the same, day cream and night cream actually have many different properties that fulfil different skincare needs. Meaning that in reality they’re as different as...well...night and day!

Just think about it for a minute, the conditions your skin faces during the day are pretty different to when you are sleeping. In the daylight we need to deal with damaging UV rays and environmental pollution from things like dust in the air and car fumes. All of which cause free radicals to attack healthy skin cells. It’s at nighttime that our body does the bulk of its regeneration work, and the skin is no different. Put simply, our skin changes its focus from defence during the day, to repair during the night.

How do day and night creams differ?

Day creams in general tend to be lighter, with non greasy formulas specifically designed to absorb quickly into the skin, allow the pores to breath and provide a non heavy base for makeup to be layered on top. We recommend the hydrating yet ultra lightweight formula of Aquasource SPF 15, a daily gel-cream moisturizer with built in UV protection. It gives skin a fresh feeling whilst its anti-pollution shea extract and antioxidant Vitamin E combat the stresses city life throws at you.

Night creams are more intense and indulgent for your skin, allowing you to take full advantage of your skin’s cellular regeneration. They’re usually richer, creamier and generally heavier in composition than their daytime counterparts. That means they can more deeply moisturize and penetrate the skin while you snooze. They’re also great for targeting particular skincare concerns for your most effective treatment. Take advantage of your bodies nighttime healing habits and use Aquasource Everplump Night, which is formulated with dark cultivated algae extract for the ultimate in rejuvenation to help repair and your replenish your skin for your most powerful, anti-aging beauty sleep yet. For intense repair and overall healthy skin, use the Life Plankton Mask. Highly concentrated in this miracle micro-organism, the Life Plankton Mask powers up your skin to rehydrate and rescue your complexion. Wake up to luminous, smoother, bouncier skin morning after morning.

Should I be using both day and night creams?

It certainly won’t do your skin any harm if you decide to use your day cream overnight or slather night cream on in the morning, but targeting defence vs. repair with the appropriate products will be the best method for your skin. Choosing to use day and night creams is more about getting the very most out of your skincare routine!

Now you understand the different superpowers associated with day and night creams you can support your skin 24 hours a day.

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