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Why anti-aging starts with hydration

Drink up!

With age, skin starts to lose that youthful glow, developing fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of cutaneous aging. To prevent them from forming and settling in, hydration can be your secret weapon.

What are the signs of aging?

The typical signs of aging are wrinkles and fine lines, typically around the eyes, on the forehead, and at the corners of the mouth (from all those smiles over the years!). Wrinkles start developing around the age of 25-30, although they're barely noticeable at the start. Another sign that your skin is getting older is a loss of volume, or firmness, which can be felt when you touch your skin or make facial expressions. The surface of the skin feels more fragile and shows a loss of youthful plumpness.

What has hydration got to do with it?

It's not just dry skin types that need to focus on hydration, aging skin does too. As we get older, our cells weaken and our bodies produce less hyaluronic acid. This means that our skin can’t retain moisture as well, affecting the quality of our skin. Wrinkles worsen, our faces are left feeling tight and thin and we no longer have a cushiony layer of water in our cells. Think of plants - if you don't give them water, or if they can't retain it, they wilt, just like our skin cells.

How to keep your skin hydrated

First of all, drink water! It will keep your body and skin healthy, and flush those toxins out. In addition to regular good old-fashioned H2O, make sure your daily skincare routine contains a day and night cream and a serum that will nourish your skin deeper and plump up your skin, like Biotherm’s Cream-in-Oil and Serum-in-Oil. A good moisturizer can help your skin reinforce its barrier and retain more water.

Drink lots of fluids, use the right skincare products, and those wrinkles and fine lines will become plumped and smooth in no time!

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