Purifying, healing, toning; here's why your skin needs Micellar Water

Purifying, healing, toning; here's why your skin needs Micellar Water

Purifying, healing, toning; here's why your skin needs Micellar Water

You’ll soon understand why everyone’s raving about this super clever cleansing water.

No matter what your skin type, we all know that the battle to stop your skin from drying out, and whatever the weather, water can become the enemy. Research has found that washing with soap and water and then towel drying has a significant disrupting effect on the skin's barrier function. So what if we told you that we had the ultimate solution to purify your complexion whilst healing your epidermis? Using micellar water is the gentle, yet deeply effective solution your skin is calling out for...

French women have been using the power of Micellar Water for decades!

Although in recent times it’s gained more popularity, making micellar water one of the biggest worldwide beauty trends, this product has been a staple in pharmacies in France for many years. The beauty conscious French have been shunning tap water in favour of cleansing water for some time now, for fear of the negative effects it has on their delicate facial skin.

Why has micellar water become so popular?

Understanding the popularity of micellar water gets scientific. Much like any other cleanser, it acts to remove various impurities like makeup, dirt and oils from the skin. Yet one of the no fuss perks of micellar water is there’s no need to rinse it off. So how does it actually work? Here’s the science bit...

Surfactants are chemical compounds which have a cleaning effect. Micellar water contains a mild surfactant which clusters into tiny balls called micelles. Micelles are clever groups of molecules which act like impurity magnets, attracting oil and grease. When you pour micellar water onto cotton wool before applying it to your face, these micelles rearrange themselves to provide optimal cleansing and soothing action for your skin.

Go one step further with this multi-detox complex Micellar Water

Biosource Cleansing Micellar Water is Biotherm’s first cleansing water that benefits from a multi-detox complex. The power of magnesium, potassium, zinc and pure extract of thermal plankton combine in one potent formula. It means that in just one step, this lotion can remove make-up, as well as other impurities left on the skin by the body or from the environment, deeply purify and tone your complexion. Meanwhile the healing properties of Life Plankton™ get to work, regenerating and renewing your skin.

If you’re wondering if you should try micellar water, it’s especially great for people with sensitive skin. If you live in a hard water area, your skin is acne prone or suffers from dryness and sensitivity then you’ll benefit from skipping the potentially skin disruptive contact with water. As it’s 3-in-1, it’s also ideal for life on the go, such as during busy morning times, whilst at the gym or even when travelling.

It’s no wonder this versatile product has fast become a staple in every beauty enthusiasts bathroom cabinet.

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