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Here's why SPF needs to be part of your daily skincare routine

SPF is far from exclusively for the beach! Find out why sun protection is necessary come rain or shine.

Did you know that 75% of skin aging is caused by external aggressions, in particular by UV rays? Even when the sun is hiding behind the clouds, it doesn’t mean that its UV rays take a time-out. You may find this hard to believe, but when the sky is only half-populated by clouds, UV strength can actually intensify. Scientists struggle to unanimously agree on why this happens, but knowing that it’s true is enough to make us hastily lather on sunscreen during overcast days.

Indeed, our skin suffers external aggressions whatever the weather (including all year round pollution!). Keep scrolling to find out what adverse externalities you can arm your skin against by wearing an SPF every day.

SPF products can fend off harmful UV rays (and premature aging!)

We’re all well-acquainted with the unpleasant stories of what too much exposure to UV rays can do to our skin, and not just during the summer season. UVA rays are the rays you can blame for unwanted UV absorption during the chillier months, which are able to penetrate through clouds and even glass. This pesky sun by-product plays a primordial role in the appearance of skin aging, fabricating lines and wrinkles due to a breakdown of collagen in the skin.

However, products such as Biotherm’s Blue Therapy Multi-Defender SPF 25 can banish harmful effects of the sun on your skin, by deflecting UV rays at an unprecedented level compared with other daily protection creams. Daily use can therefore equip you with a healthy glow, as well as keep your skin looking youthful! Apply it after Life Plankton Essence™ every morning, before stepping out the door.

Say goodbye to the consequences of pollution

As well as lacking compassion for the environment, pollution can – you guessed it – also significantly contribute to aging of the skin. A study in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology found that those who dwell in urban areas that exposed to increased pollution have more dark spots and wrinkles than people living in urban areas. So, if you’re a city inhabitant, we don’t have to tell you that it’s wise to guard yourself against this unforgiving consequence of urban life.

Psst! The Blue Therapy Multi-Defender SPF 25 can also act as a safeguard against pollution thanks to the red algae in it, which improves the function of the skin barrier. This skincare superhero really is your skin’s right-hand man to combat outdoor hostilities!

Aquapower Daily Defense SPF 14: the magic bullet to fight outdoor aggressions for men

Men, all of the above applies to you, too. But don’t fret! Biotherm’s Aquapower Daily Defense SPF 1 4 is all you need on your bathroom shelf to combat the main sources of external aggressions. Not only will you have the impression that you’re product-free thanks to the fresh and lightweight gel, you’ll also be able to guard your skin against UV rays and pollution (thanks to its infusion of antioxidants, red algae and Life Plankton™) in 10 seconds flat. In sum, it’s the perfect product to ensure that your skin stays unscathed by the great outdoors.

Start using an SPF-containing product on a daily basis to fight the signs of aging and to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Love your skin and it will love you back!

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