Recharge your skin while you sleep

Guys, here’s why you need a nighttime skincare routine.

Great skin is to be desired, but we understand that the maintenance required to achieve that perfectly healthy complexion can often be daunting. However, we’re here to tell you that it’s not so complicated, and giving your skin a little bit of extra care before bed can make all the difference.

Experts at the University of California have found that our bodies work extremely hard while we sleep, whereby cellular regeneration is almost two times as fast at night. While our body works to renew our cells to keep our skin looking fresh, healthy and radiant, why not make the most of our shuteye by giving our complexion a little boost? Keep reading for the ultimate nighttime routine to rejuvenate your skin while sleeping takes care of the rest!

Step #1: Purify

Be sure to cleanse your skin before you go to bed to ensure that impurities don’t lie on your skin all night long, clogging pores, causing blemishes and generally inhibiting healthy skin. Biotherm’s Age Fitness Advanced Cleanser contains green and blue micro-algae extract and Life Plankton to purify, protect and heal skin for a deeply cleansed sensation.

Step #2: Hydrate

As we get older, even from our early 20s, our skin cells can’t hold as much moisture as they once used to. Moisturizing delivers essential hydration and nutrients to skin cells to make skin look firmer, healthier and more youthful. Use a moisturizer before you go to sleep to give your skin a chance to absorb the essential moisture it needs, getting the maximum benefits from your product.

Aquapower is our favorite, ultra-moisturizing treatment, leaving skin feeling fresh, soothed and full of moisture. Particularly effective as we’re stepping into the colder months, this powerful formula is enriched with amino acids, vitamin E, C and B5, as well as the rejuvenating Life Plankton to help you wake up feeling your most hydrated yet.

Step #3 Rejuvenate

Our lives can be stressful; late nights, early mornings, working hard and playing hard - it can take its toll on our skin. One of the first areas to show signs of tiredness are around the eyes, and dark circles, bags and, eventually, wrinkles can all start to appear.

Target your eye area at night with a stimulating, targeted treatment such as Aquapower Eye De-Puffer for the ultimate rejuvenating treatment. Formulated with caffeine, Life Plankton and ultra-cooling menthol derivatives, this invigorating eye treatment soothes, refreshes and protects under eyes from our environment...plus it’s a great way to fake 8 hours sleep!

Step #4 Repair

Face masks aren’t just for girls, so guys, try to treat your skin care routine like a man! Targeted night treatments are ultra-powerful and effective to really push your night time regime to the next level. Biotherm’s Age Fitness Advanced Night is enriched with blue and green micro-algaes to renew skin throughout the night, helping to strengthen, fortify and smooth skin for the ultimate night time healing treatment, leaving skin youthful and radiant morning after morning.

Follow this nighttime routine for your best looking skin yet. And, I’m sure we don’t have to twist your arm, but do your best to get your full 8 hours - nothing can replace sleep when it comes to healthy mind, body and skin.

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