Purify, strengthen and heal your skin through the power of antioxidants

Put free radical fighting antioxidants to work to best protect your skin

Ok, so you’re a green smoothie addict and already trying to pack your diet full of antioxidant rich foods...but have you been harnessing this free radical fighting power in your skincare routine? Research has shown that antioxidants are effective in combating the premature aging of skin caused by repeated exposure to the elements. With skin subjected to damaging pollution and UV rays on a daily basis, it’s time to give your skin a breath of fresh air.

What antioxidants do for skin

Environmental factors like pollution, UV, radiation, and cigarette smoke create free radicals in the air. Free radicals are unstable atoms that try and ‘steal’ electrons from other molecules, destroying living cells in the process. Proteins like collagen and elastin, which help keep skin plump and firm, are amongst those living cells to suffer. Our body uses antioxidants to fight back, as they neutralize free radicals before they can cause tissue damage.

Antioxidants not only seek to defend your skin, but they also rejuvenate your complexion with their highly anti-aging properties, through stimulating blood flow and encouraging increased cellular growth. Furthermore, thanks to their soothing effect, antioxidants help to calm inflammation for healthy, flawless skin.

Adding antioxidants into your skincare routine

By choosing products containing antioxidants you are introducing these highly shielding natural ingredients, and all the benefits they bring, directly into your skin. Biotherm’s new Skin Oxygen Range provides a detoxifying dose to you skincare routine. It contains the antioxidant Chlorella, which is nature's perfect partner for urban life. Nicknamed “the breathing algae”, this powerful purifier cleanses so skin cells can take on the oxygen they need to function properly, even when surrounded by environmental aggressors. Meanwhile, the skin’s vital functions are revived through the 35 nutrients, in the form of proteins, vitamins, amino acids and more, found in Life Plankton.

#Purify skin with the help of Skin Oxygen Depolluting Cleanser. This gel quickly melts onto skin, trapping and removing impurities without drying.

#Strengthen skin with the concentrated anti-oxidant, Skin Oxygen Skin Strengthening Concentrate . A supercharged serum, it reinforces skin and repairs damage.

#Protect skin with the anti-pollution active complex of Skin Oxygen Cooling Gel , for a clean glow. The oil free formula reinforces the skin’s barrier, moisturises intensively stressed skin and avoids pollution particles adherence.

#Revive skin’s hydration and protection throughout the day with Skin Oxygen Wonder Mist . Offering SPF 50 combined with an anti-pollution technology, it’s a non-greasy, non sticky, airy mist shield on the go.

#Heal skin from the damage caused by tough environments with Skin Oxygen Anti-pollution Oxygenating Lotion. This skin perfecting, pore minimizing formula helps to correct imperfections so skin can reveal its original radiance.

Discover the antioxidant power of Chlorella algae extract in the Skin Oxygen range to clear, soothe, smooth, protect and correct your way towards luminous looking skin.

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