Your skin needs more than just oxygen to breathe

Oxygen is needed more than just in your lungs!

The beauty world just can’t get enough of oxygen, thanks to its ability to stimulate the body’s natural healing functions, leaving skin looking revitalized, radiant and healthy. So with oxygen all around us, why doesn’t our skin look rejuvenated all the time? Well, sometimes life can just get in the way - but there is a way to inject more O₂ into your skincare regime...

Oxygen is needed by our skin - not just our lungs

We don’t mean that our skin actually respires, but its cells do need a vast amount of oxygen to function properly. When skin is properly oxygenated it looks vibrant, healthy and retains a youthful glow.

However, sometimes daily life can get in the way. Pollution, UV rays and other free radicals can block our skin cells from receiving enough oxygen, which can affect the extent to which our skin can heal and regenerate.

The air around us actually only contains 21% oxygen

So, this is where we can answer the original question - why does our skin need more oxygen than the air around us provides? Well, our surroundings only contain a low proportion of oxygen, and a high amount of pollution... Indeed, the World Health Organisation has found that 92% of us live in places where outdoor quality fails to meet adequate standards. Evidently, this can have an adverse effect on our skin.

Give your skin a helping hand

However, you can now take your skin’s oxygen levels into your own hands… Enter: Skin Oxygen.

The new range from Biotherm fights to protect our skin from external aggressors whilst reinforcing our skin’s natural defences, allowing it the space to breathe. Skin Oxygen is also enriched with a 2-billion year old algae, Chlorella, which harnesses oxygen as well as possessing powerful detoxifying effects that can purify the air surrounding it. On the skin, skin is able to breathe deeper and purer than it ever could before.

Additionally, the range is enriched with Biotherm’s most regenerative microorganism, Life Plankton, which, when combined with Chlorella, deeply nourish and regenerate skin, leaving it smooth and glowing.

Defend skin against urban life at every turn

Luckily, all of these products can be used together in a one-stop-beauty-routine - so no need to look further for the ultimate protection against city living!

Step 1: Detoxify

Detoxify your skin with the Depolluting Cleanser to intensely cleanse skin, trapping and removing any impurities. Follow this up with the Anti-Pollution Oxygenating Lotion to correct imperfections caused by environments. Your skin will be cleansed and on the road to take a deep breath in!

Step 2: Repair and reinforce

Repair skin with Biotherm’s Skin Strengthening Concentrate, to leave your complexion stronger, smoother and more radiant; after 7 days, 88% of participants found that their skin was smoother, 82% noticed a more even skin tone and 85% said that there skin looked more luminous. Next, reinforce your skin with Cooling Gel, which strengthens the skin barrier, fends off pollution and deeply nourishes.

Step 3: Defend

Finally, complete your Skin Oxygen beauty routine with the Wonder Mist to provide your skin with its own personal bodyguard against daily life throughout the day, leaving it glowing and ready for what the day has to offer.

Step 4: Lead the right lifestyle

Don’t forget that a glow-inducing diet, as well as keeping your skin active, is also key to wearing radiant skin. Make sure you gobble up some of these foods as well as to regularly take your skin to the gym!

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