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Why you should multi-mask after the holiday season

Get your glow back!

Once the frantic holiday season is over you can finally resume your regular routine and (slightly) calmer pace of life. If you've made the most of the parties and delicious food and drink that accompany the holiday season, you might find your skin is looking a little worse for wear. The solution? Multi-masking.

Your skin is unique

Everybody's skin is different, which is why some skincare routines work for certain people but not for others. Even your face has different requirements depending on the zone! Sometimes, for example, your t-zone can look greasy and be prone to breakouts, and the area around your cheeks can feel dry and tight. Instead of throwing on a mask that only addresses one of your skin concerns, why not use two, or even three?

Purify, hydrate, smooth, tighten and brighten

The holiday season can leave our skin looking a little drab and partied-out. Different masks can be applied to separate areas (known as multi-masking) of the face for targeting individual skin concerns, like wrinkles, pimples or dryness. For the zones that have a tendency to develop spots, typically the forehead, nose and chin, a purifying clay mask will absorb excess sebum and cleanse any blocked pores. Dry spots can be soothed and moisturized with a hydrating and soothing face mask, like Life Plankton.

Top tip: Re-energize and brighten the area around the eyes with an eye mask (or eye cream) while you wait for your other masks to work their magic.

Start the New Year off right by making multi-masking part of your beauty routine. It will bring radiance to your face, smooth out some pesky party wrinkles, and quench your skin's thirst!

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