Give your skin a holiday this season and rotate your beauty bests

Give your skincare routine a boost by switching it up from time to time

So you’ve discovered your perfect serum, the moisturizer that does wonders for the skin, and the night mask that you can’t imagine life without. However now that you’ve been using the same routine for years, have you noticed that it may be losing some of the effectiveness that it once had? Give your regimen and your skin a boost by switching up some of your products this winter - here are our recommendations for our ultimate interchangeable skincare saviours.

The expert view behind rotating your skincare products

According to Miami-based dermatologist Dr. Jegasothy, it is highly possible to build up tolerances to a product that you use consistently for a year or more in a process called ‘tachyphylaxis’. Dr Jegasothy explains that the reason for your products becoming less effective with time is all down to the enzymes in your body.
Essentially, ingredients can cause enzymes in your skin cells to become overactive and saturate their processes, resulting in over-saturation and causing the reactions which beautify your skin to slow and eventually stop, thus causing your products to become less effective.

Although there’s no way to avoid this chemical process, change up your skincare regimen and rotate your products every 6 months, which happens to line up with the major seasonal transitions, to get the most out of your beauty routine.

Switch up your moisturizer

When it comes to rotating your moisturizers, look at switching between products which work best between summer and winter. Use Aquasource Gel for the warmer 6 months. This water-based moisturizer is enriched with Life Plankton and Mannose to intensely hydrate your skin whilst also working directly with your complexion to trigger cellular healing and renewal. This nourishing gel works to penetrate deep within your skin to keep your complexion ideally water-plumped and full of moisture, hour after hour.

As an alternative to Aquasource Gel, rotate your moisturizer to the Blue Therapy Multi-Defender in the winter. While it contains Life Plankton like Aquasource Gel to give your skin a level of consistency, it is also enriched with Baicalin, F. Lumbricalis, SPF 25 and the Algae of Youth for complete, yet hydrating, care. This nourishing cream breaks into water to allow its active ingredients to penetrate deeply and protect your skin from its external environment, allowing your skin to repair and heal in the winter, to get the most out of your products and your skin.

Rotate your serum for your most targeted treatment

For glowing skin, start your rotation with Aquasource Deep Serum , which is 3 times more concentrated in Life Plankton and Mannose for your most hydrating, regenerative treatment yet. By working deep within the lower layers of the skin, this powerful serum creates a newborn skin quality which is thoroughly hydrated, more luminous and more full of life than before.

Switch up your serum by changing to the Skin Oxygen Skin Strengthening Concentrate for the next 6 months. Formulated with Chlorella algae and Life Plankton, this detoxifying serum helps to repair and strengthen our complexion from environmental aggressors. Thanks to its unique formula it helps our skin to breathe again, leaving it visibly soothed, smoothed, more even, radiant and healthy.

Rejuvenate your skin by changing your nightmask

Throughout the summer months, hydration is an essential part of our skincare routine, so boost your moisture levels with a nourishing night mask. The Aquasource Night Spa replenishes water levels as you sleep thanks to its triple-effect balm formula. Concentrated in Life Plankton and Polynesian Marine Organism Extract, this sleeping pack smoothes, rehydrates and smooths skin to help you wake up to transformed, fresher skin.

For the next 6 months, move over to using the Life Plankton Mask to help heal your skin throughout the cold winter period. This hydrogel mask penetrates every corner of your skin for your most rejuvenating experience yet; intensely repairing and strengthening your skin to reignite radiance while you sleep. Highly concentrated in this miracle, skin-renewing microorganism, 82% of the 50 women asked said they woke up to better quality skin and 84% explained that they enjoyed their more radiant skin after using this product twice-weekly for 4 weeks.

Rotating your skincare products is essential for your most effective beauty regimen and healthiest skin yet, however one product which should always remain a firm staple in your routine is Life Plankton Essence . As the step 0 of both your night and morning skincare regime, this powerful essence works to rejuvenate and renew your skin - always.

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