Protect, heal and regenerate your lips against this fall weather

Top tips to keep your lips healthy in this cold weather.

Have you ever noticed that as temperatures start to drop, our lips can start to feel dry and chapped? Well, when the air starts to get colder, the atmosphere draws moisture out of our skin cells leaving them dehydrated and dry. This can affect our entire bodies, however this cool air can particularly affect our lips, in fact, our lips can dry out ten times quicker than the rest of our complexion!

The skin around our mouths is far thinner than that of the rest of our faces, so much so that its gorgeous rouge tint is in fact the visible blood capillaries. Furthermore, unlike the rest of our body, our lips do not have any sebum glands, therefore are unable to produce oil to self-moisturize, and they are also hairless, which provides no protection from the elements. To keep lips looking and feeling healthy all winter long, follow these little tips and tricks which can make all the difference

Tip 1: Rejuvenate lips by regularly exfoliating

Gently exfoliate lips once a week to remove dry, dead, chapped skin cells and leave them looking more even, healthy and fresh. Biosource Daily Exfoliating Gelée contains L. Saccharina and Life Plankton for a gentle yet effective exfoliation to leave lips looking and feeling renewed.

A word of warning; if your lips are already dry or cracked, use exfoliating products carefully. Perhaps use a washcloth or a wet toothbrush to gently stimulate your lips if they are sensitive.

Tip 2: Hydrate your lips to keep them nourished this fall

After exfoliating, don’t forget that your fresh skin cells need to be hydrated and nourished to stay healthy. Replenish sensitive lip skin with Biotherm’s Beurre de Lèvres, which, enriched with acacia sugar and 5 naturally derived vegetable oils, will leave lips feeling smooth, hydrated and plumped with moisture, ready for the day ahead!

At night, our skin cells have the highest rate of regeneration, so if you feel your lips starting to dehydrate or chap, take advantage of your beauty sleep by applying thick layers of Beurre de Lèvres lip balm for your most healing treatment yet !

Tip 3: Protect your lips from your environment

Lips are highly susceptible to sunburn, and just because it’s cloudy outside, it doesn’t mean that we should skip the SPF step. Not only is the skin in this area thin, and therefore incredibly sensitive, but our lips lack melanin; the pigment that helps shield our skin from the sun. Because our lips are gorgeously rouged already, it’s not always easy to tell when they’re burning, so be sure to prevent any damage before it happens by using an SPF enriched moisturizer in your skincare routine.

Blue Therapy Multi-Defender is formulated with sun protection as well as Baicalin, F. Lumbricalis and the miracle ingredient, Life Plankton, to keep skin protected from the elements. When using as a part of your morning skincare routine, be sure to massage into your lips to keep them hydrated, healed and protected.

Tip 4: Always have a lip balm with you for on-the-go touch up’s

You never know where your day may take you, so always be prepared by keeping your lip balm on hand! Touch up and keep your lips nourished and protected with Aquasource Plump & Glow Lips. Powered by Blue Hyaluron, a natural hyaluronic acid, this invigorating balm is guaranteed to give your lips an instant rosy tint and all-day plumped effect. Furthermore, it should help you to stop licking your lips so often. It’s natural, especially in the dry winter, to want to immediately moisten your lips, however dermatologists have found that in doing so we can damage our lips’ protective barrier, leaving them feeling dry and sore - stick with the lip balm!

Fall can take its toll on your lips, so follow these handy little tips to keep them healthy no matter the season!

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